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Re: I've been out of the hospital less than a week

Many hospitals aren't clean anymore.  If they have financial problems, the first to go are the cleaning people (who are making minimum wage).  I've been in the ER many times and am afraid to touch things because I am so susceptible to infection.


I have asked nurses to please change the bedding and wipe down the rails, and they get all huffy . . . usually they send someone else in.  I can't get out of an ER fast enough! 


A couple of years ago, I was admitted and they put me in a room with a woman who was being observed for MRSA.  I knew because I heard her talking about it on the phone with someone.  I asked to be taken out of the room and she got so ticked off!  "I heard you," she yelled. 

They did take me out of there though.  I asked the nurse why I was put in there in the first place, as autoimmune diseases are listed first on my chart, and she apologized and said they were very crowded.  So they knew!!


I always have a bacterial wash in my handbag, and I use it most frequently when I am in a hospital.


I hope you will do some of the things suggested here.  Remember, pharmacists know more about meds than doctors do.


Do get well soon.  (((hugs))) 


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Re: I've been out of the hospital less than a week

Thanks for the replies everyone. I haven't been here in awhile because I've been feeling so ill. 


I've cut down my meds to almost nothing. I had a bunch more tests last week. I go tomorrow for results. I know I'm not the only one suffering but this thing has kicked me in the butt!

Hanging tough 😜

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Re: I've been out of the hospital less than a week

@LilacTree  While I understand why you were concerned - you should know that MRSA doesn't fly through the air, if a person has an infected wound , and it is covered with a dressing , unless you would come in contact with that wound or something that touched that wound - you couldn't catch it. If her wound was open and draining - she would be in isolation. 

Also, hospital beds are not assigned by medical personnel - but by a clerk who works in the admissions office.