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Re: I know I can Google this, but

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@CaliKat  I use "Fit Organic" fruit and vegetable spray and it comes in a wash too!



Thank you for recommending the Fit Organic fruit and vegetable spray and wash. Sorry it took me so long to respond, I just realized you left a message.

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Re: I know I can Google this, but

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Sounds like you already googled a dupe recipe online.


Works but good luck finding ingredients. 


There are many, many alternatives to hand sanitzer and those blasted wipes. Think outside the box.




Can you point me in the direction of the alternatives to hand sanitizer and wipes. I've been trying to find the ingredients to no avail. 



Question for everyone:


What do you use to disinfect your fruits and vegetables, that are able to be washed, such as apples or melons? Do you just use soap and water, or do you use a bleach solution?  What is the most effective, and safe way of doing it?

i fill a spray bottle 50/ 50 with vinegar & water, spray when needed.  I keep it by the sink so it's handy