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It is good to hear from you.  I am sorry for all the thinks that seem to be getting you down.  Surgery is so traumatic to your body that it sometimes takes long to get back on your feet.  Continue good wishes.

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Sorry for your medical problems. hope you are completely recovered very soon

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@I am still oxox wrote:

I have e coli in my urine and cause is from a catheter, has this has been with me since my surgery and is finally showing in my urine.

I am on Bactrum and it should act fast and help me feel more human





E.coli is normally found in stool. Cross-contamination from there. 

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@RetRN wrote:

UTI's are so miserable, between Thanksgiving and Christmas I was on three different antibiotics--Macrobid, Cipro,and Amoxicillin. Made for some pretty miserable holidays.

My gosh, UTIs are miserable. I had a vicious attack about a year ago. Finally two rounds of Ciprofloxacin worked. I won't take Cipro again, though. It messed with my head big-time.

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Take care @I am still oxox!  Many people here care about you, and missed you on your birthday!

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There is some good news on the front for those who suffer from recurring UTI's.  There was a medical article this week that there are experiments in the process of a antibiotic shot that would be administered directly into the bladdar attacking the bacteria at the source making it much more effective. The process itself doesn't sound pleasant but I know some women that are taking a low dose antibiotic every day to keep the infections at bay but they still reoccur.