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I got a call back from mammogram

I am seventy five and just had a mammogram. I got a call back and made an appt for July 5. The call back was four days ago so my wait time is two and a half weeks. I have dense breast tissue so I am at risk for breast cancer.


I've been dealing with health issues since I've been twenty but I never get used to it. IT is the wait time that's doing me in. I have a chronic pain problem that blew up; I know from the stress.


My gyn and primary tried to get an earlier appointment before I even asked. My retired gyn said it's too long to wait. I think I'd need to know the chairman of the board to change appointment.


So because my pain problem is really high I can't really do much except watch movies on TCM or Netfix. 


I have a medical backround but not in any cancer background. Am finding mistakes on Google. e.g Medicare won't cover a diagnostic mammogram. This actually is determined by state. 


If I have cancer it's there so worrying won't help but I can't stop.


Anything supportive will help.

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Re: I got a call back from mammogram

I do not know where you live but that is a LONG wait time. I would keep calling to see if you can be seen sooner. I was called back about 18  years ago (on a Friday) and went back the following Tuesday.  It was nothing.  I also got called back 4 years ago, I went back the next day and there was a s;uspicious area.  I had a biopsy and I did have stage 1 (very small, very early caught) and had a lumpectomly/radiation.  Waiting is the most stressful but TRY to think positive since many women do get called back.  If the cancer is caught early that is a very good thing and that is why women should have mammos EVERY year!!  Hope all goes well with you and again try to keep your spirits up!  I know waiting is torture.

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Re: I got a call back from mammogram

It's really not a long wait. Been there and as you probably know frequenty there a false-positives due to high-tech imaging. Google this yourself. 2 week wait is not that unusual.

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Re: I got a call back from mammogram

I've had a similar experience a few years ago.  I, too, have dense tissue in that area.  I had to go back for another mammogram as the doctor wanted to check one area.  Everything was fine. 

My thinking is that, if the doctor thought there was something seriously wrong, he would have insisted on an immediate retest.You said you get a mammogram yearly so that anything there would be in a very early stage.  Try to have a positive attitude. Please post after your test and let us know how you are.

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Re: I got a call back from mammogram

My goodness!  I am so sorry for anyone dealing with this.  You'll definitely be in my prayers..


Please take care.

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Re: I got a call back from mammogram

Medicare covered my Diagnostic mamm and ultrasound, and my supp picked up the slack, I didnt pay anything for the call back. I have been called back 3 times, I have never waited more than a few days, the problem is that there must be a radiologist there at the time to read the films while you wait, at my facility there is not one there 100% of the time. I have never heard that density is a high risk for BC, only that it makes the films harder to read. 

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Re: I got a call back from mammogram

@lavendar  I also had to return for another mammogram a couple of weeks ago. My tissue is also dense. I have a lengthy history of lumpectomies from 1979-1985, but nothing since. I didn't find the lump this time, either, which was a first. Decided to let the Dr. do the worrying! My mom had always told us: "What you worry about usually does not happen."


The second mammogram showed problems in the left quadrant of my left breast. They decided to do another mammogram; then an Ultrasound. It didn't look good. A biopsy was scheduled for about a week later. I had the biopsy on Wednesday and will see my PCP next Wednesday for the results.

I continue to live each day as always. Not about to waste my time worrying and afraid of "what if". My mom's advice was correct and has helped me through some much more serious times. At 71, if I need surgery, I'll have a second opinion and go for it! I'm not afraid and hesitant to take care of health problems. Have been doing it all of my life and know it is an on-going process for all of us. 


The biopsy was a walk-in-the-park! Not even uncomfortable; certainly no pain. I drove home with a small ice pack in my bra, then went outside and deadheaded my flowers! Took a two-mile walk a couple of hours later.  Went to PT for my back the following morning. Has not slowed my life down at all. 


Sending best wishes for a good result from your biopsy. If not, ask questions and be ready for a second opinion. Strength will help you through this procedure and anything else in life. 

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Re: I got a call back from mammogram

@lavendar   I just went through this a few weeks ago, so I definitely understand how you feel.  I also have dense breast tissue and have been called back several times over the years (I'm 53) for a follow-up ultrasound and once for an MRI.  I have had a 3D mammogram the last couple of times hoping to avoid the "call back" because it is definitely mentally exhausting and can also be anxiety inducing! Of course, I did get the call back this last go round in April and had a follow-up 3D ultrasound in May.  My hospital recently got the new 3D ultrasound equipment, and my Gyno said that they are now recommending that in conjunction with the mammogram for those of us with dense breast tissue and in the future they will probably start scheduling both screenings same day/back to back.  The 3D ultrasound was very thorough - both breasts and my lymph nodes, which was new to me.


Fortunately everything was FINE, but I did have about 3 weeks in between the scans.  Just remember the majority of call backs end up being fine, and those of us with dense breast tissue are often called back, so try not to let worry steal away your days.  In the meantime, I'll be thinking good thoughts and saying a prayer for a possible quicker appointment followed by good results.

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Re: I got a call back from mammogram

tzatke, oh how I feel your pain!  Just 2 months ago I got the call back after routine mammo.  I had to go in for ultrasound for suspicious spot. Was hoping Dr. there would tell me it's nothing & that's the end of it. He said I needed it biopsied. Like you, it took a couple wks to get me in to surgeon to do biopsy so I was in panic mode that whole time. And then after finally having biopsy it took a good week or more to get those results back--I was a mess!  I prayed and prayed and it came back benign--Praise God!   Am praying yours turns out to be nothing serious. I know, it's the waiting that's torture.  

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Re: I got a call back from mammogram



Sorry you are dealing with this.  It does seem a lifetime to wait, but 8 days in the medical world is not long, as you know.


I had to have some additional photos taken once, and before they could even get me out of the dressing room, I was already figuring what treatment I would consider.  Everything was fine, but SO scary, isn't it?


Hope you have good news.   Could you go out with a friends, or family, or call someone and talk.  This might help the time pass.


Best Wishes.



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