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Re: I got Pfizer, my Sister got Moderna...

The three of us in my family all received the Moderna vaccines. 


First shot, sore arm for all three of us


Second shot, achy joints next day, for two of us. After that, back to normal.  


My DH did not experience any effects from second dose. 


We are very relieved to have received both doses. 



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Re: I got Pfizer, my Sister got Moderna...

I know people who got both.  I got Moderma, my friends got Pfizer.


Some people didn’t feel well with either one.


It lasted 1 day for everyone.  My friends and I had no problems with the first shot of each.


Everyone is different.  “One size doesn’t fit all”.

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Re: I got Pfizer, my Sister got Moderna...

It's too bad you aren't identical twins.  I'm not a scientist, but your experiences might have told us something of the efficacy of Moderna vs. Pfizer.

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Re: I got Pfizer, my Sister got Moderna...

     My daughter got the Pfizer, no side effects after the first shot. She said she felt like she had a mild flu for 1 day after the second. 

    I got my first Moderna only had a sore arm for a day. I get my second on Saturday. 


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Re: I got Pfizer, my Sister got Moderna...

Both hubby and I got the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine three days ago. No problems except a little pain and swelling for me. We feel fine. Tired but we always are.

We're both over 75. Our small town's senior center and local drugstore got together for this to happen. 550 seniors got the vaccine. Well done.

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Re: I got Pfizer, my Sister got Moderna...

@HerRoyaLioness  I got the same reaction as your sister to the Moderna = 2nd dose  = fever, chills, vomiting, could not eat, sore for about 2 days.

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Re: I got Pfizer, my Sister got Moderna...

@HerRoyaLioness wrote:

For any who are interested:


My effects from Pfizer - 1st dose:

Very tired that night, headache next day, arm not sore (couldn't believe it)

Pfizer 2nd dose:

No real effects.  Maybe a little more tired out than usual, arm a tiny bit sore


My Sister's effects from Moderna - 1st dose

No real effects except arm soreness.

Moderna 2nd dose:

Got really sick, she said like the worst case of flu she ever had. Extreme chills, fever, body aches and vomiting.  Lasted a little over a day.


We thought this was interesting because we are both genetically connected and each had a different vaccine.  We even got breast cancer at the same age!

I know this may not mean anything, but thought I would share our experience. Smiley Happy

thank you I am getting my second Moderna next week.


FYI my sister and I are 14 months apart, and we each had our DNA done by Ancestry. There is no question we are sisters, people often thought we were twins, but we were surprised how different our DNA was. I seem to have received most of mine from my father side of the family, And she, from my mother side of the family. So you can be sisters but you can be very different genetically.

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Re: I got Pfizer, my Sister got Moderna...

With the first Moderna I had a little soreness and a red itchy patch at the injection site.


The second injection ,I also had the red itchy patch, and the second day I was very cold.  The third day I was somewhat achy and my whole body itched so I took a Benadryl.  The fourth day still some body itches and popped another Benadryl.  The fifth day I woke up feeling normal.

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Re: I got Pfizer, my Sister got Moderna...

 @ciao_bella  My reactions were similar to yours with Moderna:

  1st shot, sore arm from injection that night

   2d shot sore arm that afternoon and feeling tired. Chills. 
(I had not slept well the night before due to having to travel 30 miles in the rain for the vaccine.) 

    The next day for both shots I felt better.


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Re: I got Pfizer, my Sister got Moderna...

@Sooner wrote:

@HerRoyaLioness wrote:

@on the bay wrote:

@Sooner -

I'm allergic and or adverse reactions to lots of antibiotics but I have read

our responses to those will not determine our reaction to this vaccine (which also is very different from the flu or any other vaccine).

You may be very surprised I hope at a not bad reaction at all.

I got the pfizer and very sore arm after first, and headache and after 2nd shot really really tired, headache and aches, stomach hurt but went away after one day.

(the first day is ok it was the 2nd day after).

But its good to know but also that it doesn't last and everyone is different too.


@Sooner  - what she said!!  I will add that I am 72 yrs, diabetic, some heart irregularities, post chemo (8 yrs ago) but still with some side effects that wanted to stay with me, so I thought I will probably get all the side effects. 

Truth is, we just don't know.  But as @on the bay  said, it doesn't last and is not like other allergies or vaccines. Just trying to give you a little reassurance, but it is certainly your choice to be careful about it - maybe give your drs office a call and ask about it.  Let us know how you are doing!

@HerRoyaLioness I had a dr. visit and he just blew it off.  What I really need is a new doctor, but husband likes him.

@Sooner - I guess the drs can't really tell you anything for sure - this virus has fooled them all at times, they are still learning.  He blew it off because he didn't know - he could have been much more professional about it and considered your medical background and everything. I have found it interesting just coming to this board and reading about everyone's experiences.