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@Carmie wrote:

@LilacTree For me it's taken a lifetime to realize that material stuff is not worth really caring about.  What counts is relationships and people.


I have hung on to meaningless stuff for years, what for, I can't figure out.  Now I only keep things that make me happy.


Maybe you feel the same  way.  

My photographs matter, and my paintings.  My Chinese Evergreen, more than ten years old still matters.  So yes, there are some material things.  But furniture, etc., nada.

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I think we all realize at some point we have to much and it really doesn’t mean anything to them and your memory of it is filed and you can let it go. So it’s not you don’t care as much as your ready for the next chapter of new memories. 

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I find that a lot of the things that were a pleasure are now a burden, and when that is the case out they go. I think when we get older some, ( not all )  like to simplify.

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Re: I don’t care anymore

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@godi   Is right, I think we all at some point decide what is more important and what we want to spend our energy on.   It's interesting how you go through life, where you are impressed with things, and then you really don't give too hoots about it.






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I think it's a normal part of aging.  After having to clean out my parents' home a few years back, I wish we could get rid of a bunch of stuff, but my husband hangs on to everything, and I'm talking minutia.  I really feel bad for what my daughter faces when that time comes.  At least I had a sister to help.  

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@SeaMaiden wrote:

@LilacTree       I feel more and more that way... do not feel the importance of THINGS. It has little to do with our demise... but more I think a knowing and growing about what is truely important to us. And that takes years of living to get to that point.  So do not read something into it that is not there. Smiley Happy   And remember what my Irish Mom use to say....ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG..... 

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Maybe it means that as we age some of us need to streamline our lives and don't have the same energy to put into projects the way we might have in our 30s or so.  Maybe we sometimes feel the need to make life easier. 

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I have heard as we age,things become less important to us ,that means everything ,clothes, make up , and much more.

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For me, I think that life has its cycles in regards to things like this. 


We we first start out, fresh out of school (or sooner) we want so many things we think we need, yet can not yet fully afford.  We think we need everything from furniture, to clothes, to jewelry, to dishes, to cookware, room décor, holiday décor...the list goes on and on.  Once we can afford it we concentrate on the things we WANT, now that we likely have most of what we NEED. 


As time goes on, and the stuff piles up, we begin slow down in the aging process.  We may entertain less, go out less, or no longer decorate for the holidays.  It may be that aches & pains get in our way, it may be that our children have grown and now they are the ones proudly putting their nest together, it may be that we decide to downsize our home & life and we have come to realize that those things are not the source of our happiness.  As one group of people phase out of the stuff collecting time of life, there is a new group putting their own spin on acquiring life's treasures.  And the world goes on.

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I know as I age I don't care about the things that were so important to me when I was even 5 years younger. I think for some of us it's just a part of ageing and loss. I still care about my personal appearance, health and family, but not so much about acquiring material stuff anymore.