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Re: I didn't take any Nexium yesterday

@Mindy D  I have read the acid in your stomach .makes yogurt almost useless.  I don't have H Pyelori, I was scoped ,and they took tissue samples to test, it came back negative


Probably your change of diet helped you, as much as anything. Our bed is on risers, the Dr told  me to do that right away


Medicine has caused my problems. I do not have GERD. I started using the Goodbelly shots on Tues. It has 50 billion probiotics in it. It also contains vitamins. I am still not taking Nexium ,and only taking 1/2 Zantac 4 times a day


I am light years better than what I was, and I don't suffer after taking  after Metformin


My PCP tells me to keep it up. I see my endo next month. I can get almost 8 hrs sleep again, without waking in pain