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~ I am just so upset today ~

I am sure I've done something to reinjure my knee that my Orthopedist just repaired. There is one area that causes me to barely be able to go up and down steps. This morning, coming up the steps, my knee did that "going backward" thing and it stopped me in my tracks and I almost cried. I see my doctor tomorrow, thank God. Aleve and Advil are not doing anything and I really don't want to take the Vicodin because I have to drive today. I hope as he's evaluating it, which I suspect will include another MRI, he can give me an Rx for something stronger, other than a narcotic like Vicodin.

My son could take Molly (my dog) but he works 12 hour days and I don't think she can wait that long to wee. I am so discouraged today because of this and my car being slammed in the parking lot here at my condo building (hit and run) rendering it undriveable ..... it's at the body shop now - $1600 worth. Thank God I have good insurance.

Thanks for listening to me whine. I'm just on the verge of tears this morning.