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Re: I Would Appreciate Your Prayers

@Nyob wrote:

Hello my dear, sounds like you GET IT! You've been through enough. The only thing I see missing is maybe you could BOTH went to therapy. If he went, that therapist Should have had told him to bring you In at some point in time....maybe the therapist did...we'll never know. He needed it but you going also is for you to understand why, from a therapist to guide you and there by means to support him. It's all for the good. That way you would feel you had some little input in having a harmonious marriage. 
   The viet nam combat vet had a lot of baggage as you and I know. Others have no idea. PTSD is nothing to mess with. Back then they didn't even say the word even if the Government knew about it. But as wives, we sure suffered it, not just the guy we chose to marry. And we were looked down on. Trust me I know!  I get it!  So the solders weren't the only ones looked down on ,so were We!  
    If we knew this back then and lived in Washington or VA we could have made a group,but we tried to hide our shame or problems. We didn't even know what we were going through anyway. 
   Now we have ailments, and wonder why we have them....stress from early years!!

   But no veteran disability for you and I.....

   Sad 😞   

    I had my own buisness and had as high as Col. for customers in the military. Many COL.s and other military men come to my shop. I had a Barber Shop. They praised me. I had a customer who I was told was a hero in the viet nam war, you'd never know it either....he was one of the guys that called me "one of their own"

    They can sense my love of country, even though I had a hard time just with one dude. 
I didn't take it out on the rest. I respected the rest. Still do. 
     I understand a lot. I'm retired now. I have many illnesses also. But you take care of you, my friend. No body else will. Try to find a hobby to keep your mind busy. 
     I will keep good thoughts of you! And your husband!


@Nyob   Thanks for sharing this with me. I have not really talked to another woman who has been through some of these same things.  I don't deny has been a real challenge.  Just when you think you are somewhat rising above it, it rears it's ugly head again.  Yes, years ago, there was even a time when I thought I'd be better off not being here anymore.  Somehow, rather miracuously, God gave me the will and strength to go on and to always concentrate on looking forward. That's what I try to do to this day. 


It is easier knowing there are those who understand and keep us in their prayers and thoughts.  I love that song, People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.  That is so true, imo.  For me, I think God knows I need people and God knows I need Him. We people are rather fragile I think and we have similar needs so sometimes I feel we go through "stuff" so we can understand how to help others.


I thank you for your understanding of what it's been like.  I haven't had many chances to talk to someone like you who has  lived through some of the same tribulations. While I do know a lot about mental health and psychology, I'm just as human as the next person and just like others, I have those times when I could use some extra support.  I do so much appreciate all the prayers, good thoughts, and sharing of knowledge and wisdom.  Lot's of wonderful people here....and always here when we need them!  

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Re: I Would Appreciate Your Prayers

Prayers for you and your hubby. God Bless