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Re: Humana All It's Cracked Up to Be?

@Gracies Mom ,


Thank you for your post reminding me to check the closest cancer center to me for which Medicare plans they accept.  Fortunately, this cancer center accepts five Advantage Plans, three of which are available to me in my area.  I threw out Humana based on all the horrible things I've read about dealing with them and am presently deciding between Aetna and Blue Cross/Blue Shield (Florida Blue).


I'm turning 65 soon and have to decide on what to do - Traditional Medicare or Advantage Plan.  I have no chronic/pre-existing conditions and take no medications.  Why should I care about what a cancer center accepts?  Well, my late husband had a catastrophic terminal illness and was treated at this cancer center.  He went into the local hospital for pneumonia and was diagnosed with leukemia.  So, I know how a person can be fine one minute and terminally ill the next, all in the blink of an eye.  What happened to my husband has made me more paranoid about catastrophic illness than the average person (that never wants to contemplate this stuff).


I don't have a pension that pays for a Medigap supplement plan as part of a retirement package, it's all on me.  And my husband's illness just about bankrupted us, even though he had BC/BS through his employer and Medicare Part A.  I simply can't afford the premiums of a supplement with Traditional Medicare so I'm stuck going with an Advantage Plan, unless I want to sell my house and live out of my car.  This not how we thought retirement was going to be like.

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Re: Humana All It's Cracked Up to Be?

@Laura14 wrote:

I have Humana through my employer (not Medicare) and I have zero deductible so it's not a lie. I just went to the doctor for annual visit and it cost me nothing. I can confirm they do have a plan like that. 


Just like Laura, I also had Humana through my employer (not Medicare).  I got breast cancer. I did not pay one penny to any Doctors, hospitals, labs, biopsies  or scans while I was on Humana.


Humana covered everything the entire time I was with Humana .