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Re: How Do You Stand Watching a Loved One suffer?

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I feel so bad watching my love one suffer in excruciating pain. It has been twenty years of nonstop pain. My poor loved one is finally at the end of his rope in his ability to stand it. I feel so bad inside, but I still have hope for a cure. He is starting to lose hope and writhes in pain, crying and trying to get through it. If I had three wishes, I know what my first one would be.

@Mindy D

Just a thought, is there something he always wanted to do, like travel, visit other relatives, friends?

A long lost friend you could find for him, skype, facetime?

Visit museum's, going to a park, favorite restaurant, taking a drive to enjoy the scenery?

Books on tape, a movie night?

I know when I traveled and went to visit family or friends it took my mind off the pain for that moment.

You said he has meds on board, so just do something even if its just for a little while, to occupy his mind and keep him busy.

I will say prayers for you both.

I hope you two can enjoy sometime together doing something he would enjoy,  Have some adventures together, make some memories...



Sounds good for many people but I get the impression he's not able to do much; probably wouldn't have much interest in any thing since the pain is so bad. Is he even able to eat? I know when I am feeling especially bad I usually don't feel like talking to any one. Do find that soothing music is therapy, it's called these days.