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Did you ever have one?  How did you feel afterwards? 

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I've had a massage with hot stones before.  It feels good during the massage.  Afterwards was a mixture of feeling relaxed but also a bit achy from the deep tissue massage. The massage therapist always say to have water and relax the rest of the day 


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Re: Hot Stone Therapy

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 Best massage ever !

 Many spa's don't offer  hot stone massage because of liability where someone could  get burned if the masseuse is not experienced in knowing how to properly heat and use the stones

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Had one once and the stones were too hot for the tender, rarely exposed skin on my back, which made me tense up and defeated the whole purpose of the massage.  She had them "cooking" in a crockpot. Never again for me. 

Now wrap a very warm towel around my feet and I'm in heaven!

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My acupuncturist did hot stone therapy in conjunction with acupuncture. She would put in the points (acupuncture needles) then she would massage with hot stones. She would keep stones warm in crockpot, but she took stones out and let them sit prior to using to make sure they were not too hot. She would have me place my hands over stones, then put a stone on bottom of each foot, then she would start massaging neck and back with a warm stone. She used flat river stones and they seemed to retain heat for quite a long time. She would check with me to be sure stones were not too hot.


IT WAS HEAVENLY. She spoiled me for anyone else. 


If you have a chance to get a hot stone massage, do it. Smiley Happy But do not be afraid to discuss concerns about too hot of stones. The masseuse wants to make you feel good and to be comfortable. You can also specify you want a relaxing massage vs therapeutic massage if that's your request. I was going for therapeutic... but it was also very relaxing.

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It's on my wishlist.  

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Re: Hot Stone Therapy

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I get a half-hour massage every other week. During part of it she applies hot stones, which she cools off briefly in the air to dissipate heat before they make contact. They are distinctly warm, but not dangerously so,  and my skin doesn't sustain any damage.  It's extraordinarily relaxing. 

Stones are applied to my back without movement to remain briefly atop my spine. Once those are removed, she will put one under her palm and massage with it using the pressure and warmth to promote circulation and ease tension. She also will put a couple on my calves and backs of my thighs for a minute or so. 

After all the warm stones are removed she goes back to regular massage techniques.  When the timer rings for the half hour she brings in a very warm, slightly damp towel and wipes down my skin from any excess massage oil/lotion. Getting dressed and walking home from that I kind of look like a zombie. Not a lot of focus! I often nap when I get home or just stay quiet for a while. 

Warm, flat stones are the highlight of my sessions. I feel good for many days afterwards.  I only go to help with tension and anxiety. I don't have any physical issues addressed by massage.  


Definitely worth a try to see if it agrees with you. 

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If it's done right, it can be amazing. If the stones are too hot, it's like a hot foot on your back! You will usually feel relaxed after any type of massage. 

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They're WONDERFUL! But as others have said, ask the therapist to let them cool until they're a good temp not to burn you.  Some of them gung ho take them out of the crock pot, they need to temper off.

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I've had many hot rock massages over the years including after every pedicure. The hot rocks there are quickly run under water so they are never too hot.