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Re: Home remedies for kidney stones?

On 9/27/2014 Lannie said:
On 9/27/2014 ical said:
On 9/27/2014 Lannie said:

Nothing and I mean nothing dissolves kidney stones, unfortunately. Lemon in water can help prevent stone formation, or prevent stones from getting larger, but not dissolve the stones.

Are the stones still in her kidney or on the way down? If still in the kidney, there is nothing they usually do except keep a close watch on it, unless it is large and cannot be passed, then they will remove it by the best method possible.

If on their way down, drink lots of water, stay active and hope they don't get stuck too bad on the way.

I've had them for 50 years now and there is nothing worse. I wish they would find out why people form them. I've been told different things over the years and then they will reverse themselves. It also depends on what the stones are made of as to what to stay away from. I wish the best for your friend.

If there is a large kidney stone which is formed, drinking lemon juice can break it up and cause a coat to form it so it is easier to pass in smaller, less painful pieces. It will also cause a coating to form on the smaller ones so nothing will attach, causing them to get bigger.

So drinking lemon juice is good for those reasons. It may not turn a stone into dust, but it might turn a "boulder" into sand.


Lithotripsy is the only thing that can blast them into pieces, hopefully small enough to pass. I have had it done twice and neither time did that powerful machine turn it into sand. There were still little pieces I painfully had to pass.

Lithotripsy is one way to get rid of kidney stones. The other is to have a Ureteroscopy and the doctor will use a laser to dissolve the kidney stone. I have had to do this twice now since the kidney stones I had were pretty large and sitting close to the pelvic bone. Having lithotripsy could have shattered my pelvic bone so my urologist opted to do the Ureteroscopy and laser. HTH