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Re: Hives and rash from antibiotic

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I feel for you!!!  I was on chemo at the time and had a very bad stiff neck.  It was so bad I had to go to the emergency room.  They prescribed Flexarill (sp).  I took just one pill and broke out in a horrible itcy rash that formed all over my arms and legs.  It lasted for 30 days and nothing I took would get rid of it.  A Physician's assistant I saw prescribed a cream and the name of it was 20 feet long, lol.  It was so strong the pharmacist told me not to use on my face under any circumstances .  That cream got rid of the rash.  I lost sleep for 30 days and I couldn't even wear shoes because the rash made them swell.  I know you have to be miserable.  Hope yours goes away sooner then mine did.  The chemo gave me no side effects and I'd take that any day over a rash!!

@Blingqueen023 - so sorry you went through that on top of taking chemo treatments!  Bless your heart!  This morning it was on my knees and ears only - which is a good thing - I hope this goes away soon!  I also need to stay out of the sun - I just thought of that - if you are on antibiotics - I've been taking my dog for a walk every day and I wonder if the sun had something to do with it. 

@hoosieroriginal Hi there Hoosieroriginal.  Thank you.  It wasn't easy for me and I know the misery you're going through all too well.  I  had a Pet Scan scheduled one day while I had that horrible rash and I had to go without shoes to take the test.  I don't know how I laid on my back for so long for it.  That was the worst day of my life.  I'm wishing you nothing but the best and hope you're back to your ole self in a fast and efficient manner!!.  Get well soon!