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Re: High Blood Pressure

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The AMA recently released a new alert that anyone with regular systolic readings inching closer to 140, should talk to their physician about starting a low dose BP medication, as a preventive measure.


I have never had a high BP reading.  However, my reading when I donate platelets is always higher than in my doctors office.  The equipment in the donor center is calibrated weekly; my doctor had no idea when their equipment was last calibrated.  Based on that information, I very recently asked my doctor to put me on a low dose BP medication.  With my inherited risks, as well as my diabetes diagnosis, it just seemed like the smart thing to do.   


My husband has been on a preventive dose of BP medication since his MI in 1998; my mother started hers after a confirmed TIA about 10 years ago, and my brother started his after a diabetes diagnosis 4 months ago.   

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Re: High Blood Pressure

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@milkbone wrote:

'Genetics loads the gun.  Diet pulls the trigger'. 


good info posted above !!!!


I, too, love that saying!

Many people will claim 'genetics' but in reality, 


Great Grandma cooked with butter...and had HBP/diabetes.

Grandma cooked with butter...and had HBP/diabetes

Mom cooked with butter...and had HBP/diabetes

We cook with butter...and have HBP/diabetes.


Four generations have HBP/diabetes, so it HAS to be genetic, right?'s the food.   It's always been the food.  


Fat, animal products, processed foods...remove & changes will occur quickly.  Get medicated?  Just masks the problem...and causes other problems.  Saw this pic of a tshirt recently....true, so true.



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