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Re: Hiatal hernia, GERD and medications

 I take Pantoprozole (sp) which is over the counter in the morning and Famotodine (sp) right before bed.  I have acid reflex, IBS and hiatal hernia, etc.  I had to cut out years ago citrus fruits and juices, can't eat a lot of tomato sauce ---eat it occasionally, cut out caffeine and red wine, rarely eat chocolate and of course, try not to eat heavy, greasy, or fried foods.  Also, as I'm sure you know, try not to eat anything after your dinner, or right before bed.  I use one of those large wedge pillows to prop myself up at night.  Don't drink fizzy waters or chew gum, as these produce air and gas.  Also, eating smaller meals and not over eating is helpful.  Drink water - a lot - if you can. 

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Re: Hiatal hernia, GERD and medications

@Starpolisher wrote:

Does anyone here have any recommendations for an OTC med for GERD caused by a sliding Hiatal hernia?  I've been on a PPI for 33 years and enough is enough! It has so many side effects. It makes my thighs and legs hurt constantly and I just don't feel well while taking it. Six years ago I broke my ankle, a stress fracture, which the doctor said was probably caused by the Nexium. I know I have to watch my diet and also lose weight. I've been using Pepto Bismal and Tagament(H2 blocker) for the last two weeks but still have breakthrough acid. Not really bad but uncomfortable. I see my endo again on the 24th of this month. Not hopeful though because she always wants to switch me from one PPI to another. I want off of the PPI's. If anyone has any suggestions for an OTC antacid or H2 blocker that has worked for you, I would appreciate it! TIA Starr

I also have acid reflux and a sliding hiatal hernia, plus IBS.


I understand how challenging this can be to deal with when it comes to eating. 


Over time, we all will find out what foods and drinks will make it worse for us.


I take Pepcid, too. There is a prescription-strength version, in case you didn't know that.


I'll also take a liquid antacid when needed that contains Magnesium/Aluminum. I'll use the generic store brands, but they're generally the extra strength versions.


I'll also take anti-gas tablets to help with any bloating or indigestion.


If you're still really struggling with symptoms and are uncomfortable, I would definitely follow-up with your doctor again.


I do know what it's like to have some bad flare-ups of this affliction and to me, there's nothing quite as bad as feeling so unwell that you can't eat properly. Smiley Sad


I wish you all of the best, and I hope that things turn around for you soon. Heart

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Re: Hiatal hernia, GERD and medications

There are many Gastroenterologists, and myself, that believe sleeping in a recliner, or bed with head inclined? I listed the results of my very 1st Endoscopy in another post here. The most important part to understand is I had/have no symptoms, was Asymptomatic.


Why? Because I had been sleeping in a recliner for years prior. The only reason I take Nexium has nothing to do with GERD/Inflamed Esophagus, or Hiatal Hernia. My only reason is Barrett's Esophagus, period.


I still have no symptoms that keep me awake/eating at anytime, or what I eat, thanks to my many recliners.



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