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About 10 years ago I had bad heel pain and was diagnosed with plantar faciaitis (sp?) and heel spurs.  My X-rays showed what looked like little hooks on the bottom of both heels.  I got the shots, orthotics and the  night boot and the issue was pretty much resolved with time and after losing some weight.


Fast forward to now - I have lost some more pounds (yay!), but now have this weird distressing feeling on the outer heel edge of my feet when I flex them a certain way or stoop or go up on tip toes.  Does anyone know do heel spurs grow and spread out, i.e. like tree roots?  It feels like some thing sharp wants to poke out the sides of  my heels!


TIA for any info or ideas.

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It sounds like a visit to a podiatrist could be helpful.  S/he could order xrays, etc., to figure out what's going on.  Best wishes to you.

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One can also have plantar fasciitis WITHOUT having heel spurs. You may just be having some PF symptoms/pain, heel spurs or not.

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Since you have had feet problems in the past, my I ask what brand of tennis shoes do you wear? I have plantar fasciitis and would like to purchase some.  I've worn Vionic sandals and Alegria clogs and they have been wonderful.