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Just got my results from bone density test. Have osteoporosis in spine. I am nearly 58 years old. Just wondered what anyone else out there who also has this-what have you been told to do about it to help? Haven't talked with doctor yet. I work in a hospital and I asked medical records for my results. Just haven't been able to connect with the doctor.

I don't take calcium supplements yet anyway. Have been advised to in the past however, constipation is the biggest problem with this for me. If it is for you too, how do you balance your diet out to counteract this issue?

I did take fosomax for several years and then in 2006, the doctor took me off it saying long term use was not helpful. Last bone density was in 2006 as well. I have lost and inch in height since then. Lumbar is osteoporosis and femoral is osteopenia. My forearm was normal.

In a nutshell, asking what you do for this condition and how do you counteract constipation from the calcium supplements. I do eat yogurt, cheese and drink milk but apparently that isn't enough.

Thanks in advance.