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Re: Hate Going to Bed/Getting Up in the Morning

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Well, I am obviously the odd person out here. I absolutely LOVE getting up in the morning (definitely a morning person; best part of the day!) and the routine before I go to work. I leave plenty of time so I am not rushed.


I doubly LOVE my routine before I go to bed. It is always relaxing to me and thoroughly prepares me for a good night's sleep. I rarely have trouble sleeping, and the night seems to go so fast, but I am fully rested.


The only time I am somewhat lax in my routine is on the weekends, and that is on purpose. If I change it up a little, my body knows it is the weekend. Smiley LOL

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Re: Hate Going to Bed/Getting Up in the Morning

My DH has been working from home for a year and a half, and I LOVE it!  My mornings are a little involved to start - glass of lemon water first thing, take the dog out, water plants, feed the dog, do prescription nasal rinse, take morning meds and supplements, and then I FINALLY get to my first cup o' Joe. I wait to shower and fix myself up for the dayuntil after our coffee time.  I actually enjoy doing my skincare, even though it involves several steps.  Unless I have a morning appointment or things to get done, I don't care about the time.  Sometimes I'll do a facial mask or a peel in the morning.  The nighttime routine does get a little rushed though.  I'm working on timing things differently by doing the majority of it immediately before dinner, even putting my jammies on then.  Then, at bedtime, I can brush teeth. apply my Tretinoin, and be done for the night. 

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Re: Hate Going to Bed/Getting Up in the Morning

Wait until you get to be 85.  What I do is all the rituals at about 7PM.  Then I sit and watch TV.  Most times I fall asleep around 9 right when I am watching something interesting and wake up around 11.  I let the dog out and then we jump into bed.

Now not that sleeply, so I watch a movie or read on my kindle and before I realize it, it is 6Am. I have fallen asleep. My ear pods still in my ears, sometimes one fell out. I make sure I don't wear my good glasses to bed, because I would maybe crush them. 

The point is, I get all ready for bed, so when its time, i don't have to go to the rituals, I'm ready.  

If I didn't do this early, I would skip it all and then I would not have my beauty routine and good skin and teeth.

I hate getting dressed in the morning, but having the dog forces me because we have to walk before the sun comes out, she hates the sun.  I put on makeup, not much, and ready for the day. I plan something everyday, to keep going.  I don't sit on the couch, which I should take a nap, but then too groggy and don't like that feeling.  I take each day as a blessing to be alive, better than the alturnative.

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Re: Hate Going to Bed/Getting Up in the Morning

Even at my advanced age, I am still a skin care junkie.  And stuff has to be applied in steps, don’t ya know?  At night, I take care of my teeth, then sit in my comfy seat with all my lotions and potions and apply while I watch TV.  Everything is assembled in a plastic box.  Works for me.  My AM routine is simpler, and more time is spent taking my many supplements.

I think I look my age, but every day I wake up is a good day.





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Re: Hate Going to Bed/Getting Up in the Morning



Good idea, qvcaddition.  Do the bedtime ritual earlier. 


I thought I was the only one who didn't like all the personal care stuff before bed.  I think it's because I'm tired.   I'll try to do what qvcaddition does, do it a little earlier.  Also need to brush the dog's teeth.  Sounds silly to some maybe, but the last dental procedure for him was $700, so I am diligent about brushing.  


I do better in the mornings, getting ready for the day.   I go with a walking group and don't want to look like I just crawled out of bed.


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Re: Hate Going to Bed/Getting Up in the Morning

I always brush my teeth right after supper so I don't miss or fall asleep and not do.  I get into my pjs early too if I know I am in for the night.  More so during the winter.  


I am an early riser and I still work.  I would rather get up have my coffee and play on the tablet then shower but I have to get up and get rolling and that is why the weekend comes I love it.  I can do as I please.  


Routine is good for me and keeps me from being too much one way or the other.


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Re: Hate Going to Bed/Getting Up in the Morning

I have often wished I had "Samantha's" nose!!!


The Nose Twitch Called for Special Effects | The Magic of 'Bewitched' |  Purple Clover

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Re: Hate Going to Bed/Getting Up in the Morning

@On It 


My view of your pre and post bedtime rituals are prominently, from my personal life, and spending my active service in the United States Army? More of a gender thing as opposed to all inclusive. I know I did not feel that way when young, nor at my ripe old age of the present. I will however exclude my 7 years suffering fatigue from extreme Anemia.


As far as being fatigued? You compare it to a 5k run, so I am assuming you have ran a few of them, to be able to draw that comparison. As a former distance runner, and overall athlete, that is the object of almost all physical competition. Thus the saying: "I left it all on the ice or field", in reference to one's fatigue level.


Hopefully you have addressed your fatigue issues with your doctor and have, or are, doing procedures to find the source of your fatigue. 


For me personally I seldom use the word "hate" because it is too extreme for me to take that view about most things and/or people.




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Re: Hate Going to Bed/Getting Up in the Morning

I agree with the bedtime routine....feeling like a chore....but after all these years... I won't far my overall general health is good... but rather than fall asleep in the chair...and then struggle to do my routine....and many times feeling wide awake afterwards.....I've learned to do my bedtime routine soon after dinner... I know once I sit down I'll get caught up in reading or watching tv..... I do everything except....if I'm planning on having an evening snack... I'll wait to brush and floss.....also my  Simvisatin is taken just before bedtime.....I'm tired by then and it feels good to be able to  almost....ha....just ......jump into bed..


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Re: Hate Going to Bed/Getting Up in the Morning

@On It  Hello!  I wanted to respond with some suggestions for you also and I totally understand how you fact I was just last night and this morning going over my routine and not enjoying all the maintenance I seem to need to do.


As for bedtime...the best is to set a time to begin that is a good hour before you would like to be asleep.  I start washing my face by 8pm...contacts...waiting for 15mins then applying retin a and flossing my teeth.  I like to sit and watch TV while I floss...there is no one watching me so it doesn't require privacy LOL!  I usually wait until 9pm to brush my teeth because I may drink something other then water and I don't want to rinse off my toothpaste that is supposed to be remineralizing my very sensitive teeth.  Things like my retainer/nightguard are already cleaned....I do that first thing in the morning.


I find that the bright lights in the bathroom tend to wake me up if I begin this bedtime winding down routine any later.  This way I brush at 9pm and by 9:30 my bedroom lights are dim or off and only TV on.  This way melatonin is coming on and I begin to feel sleepy by 10:30pm.  


As for the morning it's so much more work for me I won't even go in to it all.  I watch my husband who doesn't do much but floss and brush and sleeps great.  


If I cut my hair his length....used zero products on blow drying styling of any kind that alone would save me 1hr per day of time.  Not to mention spf and foundation (I have rosacea so it's a must not a option) and on and on it goes.  


Ya I am tired of it all...and that's not doing my nails once per week and my own pedi once every 3wks.  Or shaving and all the cleaning of the bathroom as I make a mess!