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Re: Has anyone had a fractured Metarsil??

I have a worst case scenario story about when I broke my 5th metatarsil bone in my left foot.  So, the xray showed the bone broiken clean in half with a gap between.  The dr. decided not to operate and he put a cast on it.  6  weeks later he removed it and nothing had happened with the bone.  He put another cast on it for 8 weeks, and when it was removed, he saw very little healing in the bone.  You have no idea how frustrated I was at that point.  So he suggested I get a $4,000 piece of equipment called a Bone Stimulator.  I had to still be on crutches with a boot-like thing and at night I would have to hook the Bone Stimulator to my leg all night.  Yes, you can only imagine how much fun that was!  So that went on for 6 weeks.  I returned to the dr. and the bone had finally begun showing real signs of healing.  At some point, I got a soft walking cast for awhile, too.  After EIGHT months, I was able to teach aerobics again.  I honestly thought I'd never be able to go back to exercise. 


The only good thing about the whole ordeal was that I broke it on company property and, therefore, the entire cost was covered under Workers Compensation.


Onefineday, here's hoping your story doesn't go like mine did!

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Re: Has anyone had a fractured Metarsil??

I injured my left foot on March 13 and walked on it for about 2 1/2 weeks before mentioning it to my PA. She sent me for an xray. There was an incomplete fracture of the 5th metatarsal at the base of my foot (between zones 2 & 3). I was sent to an Ortho, and he put me in a fracture shoe. Three weeks later I went back for a follow-up. I saw the PA and she said it takes 6-8 weeks for healing. So, 3 more weeks in the fracture shoe. I go back on the 16th.


About 10 years ago, I fractured the 5th metatarsal on my right foot. I had to wear a fracture boot for that one, I don't remember how long though.

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Re: Has anyone had a fractured Metarsil??

(thread title)


Yes, I  have broken both big toes and my right pinky. Big toes are the most important when it comes to balance, and just walking. Not much but ice and time for me, and I did wear an open toe medical boot when getting around.


Still went to work, but had to curtail my running until the swelling went down as my shoes would not fit. However! I was still able to get my ice skates on and continued playing hockey and/or reffing the hockey games. Not the most pleasant feeling for sure, but I needed our hockey games and the games needed me.


I saw both my Sports Med Orthopod and Podiatrist and they both told me not much they could do. They did say to "take it easy", but they also know me well! 'Bout all I can tell ya about my fractured metatarsals.





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Re: Has anyone had a fractured Metarsil??

Ouch!  never have broken anything but WOW does that look to be uncomfortable!  I did a google search to see exactly what area is being talked about here in this topic.  


I sure hope you heal up well and quickly too!!  Speedy recovery!

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Re: Has anyone had a fractured Metarsil??

Yes, I broke the same bone in the same foot.  The comments here are spot on.  It does take a long time for a bone in this area to fully heal.


I wore a boot for a few months, then had to be very careful with footwear for at least another 6 months.  Some shoes just caused so much pain.  Best wishes to you, @Onefineday 

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Re: Has anyone had a fractured Metarsil??

Yes and it hurt like nobody's business for months.