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Re: Has anyone ever used a medical escort service?

@CLEM   I googled "medical transport Philadelphia" and I believe there were quite a few listings.  Some were ambulances but others appeared to be the type of service about which we're speaking.   I'm familiar with the type of service senior centers offer and no, they wouldn't be suitable.

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Re: Has anyone ever used a medical escort service?

@CLEM wrote:




Yes, we do have a tranportation service for seniors but that only gets you to and from where you need to go and you often have to wait for a rather long time.  There is no person who goes with you and also picks you up and signs you out after an outpatient procedure.



In some ways, it's the luck (bad or good) of where you live. I was smack in the middle of a HUGE metropolitan area, but it was so compartmentalized as far as any social services that where I lived in particular had none of the inexpensive, simple fixes.


What you might have to look for is a Home Health type of agency that you pay by the hour. They usually have 2 or 4 hr minimums. They will do what you need as far as driving you, going in with you and coming in to pick you up, but it will be at whatever standard hourly rates are for home health aides in your area. It was $15/hr in my area then, but I'm sure in other states it might be less.

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