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Has anyone come off hydroxychlorquine?

This was prescribed by my Rheumatologist almost 2 years ago.  I'm not sure what it helped but my blood pressure was always elevated and I gained almost 20 lbs.

I've recently cut down on the dose (200 mg day).  I read on line that it didn't require titrating.


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Re: Has anyone come off hydroxychlorquine?

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My DH has a rare autoimmune illness and has been on hydroxychloroquine for many years.  Several years ago he tried to stop taking it but his symptoms (from the illness not any drug withdrawal reaction) came back so he went back on it. 


ETA:  His blood pressue has always been low to average and he never gained weight.  As a matter of fact he needs to put on a few pounds.

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Re: Has anyone come off hydroxychlorquine?



I'm on hydroxychlorquine for Lupus and have lab work (several vials of blood and a urine sample) completed on a regular basis throughout the year. I've been very pleased with this RX for many years and it continues to keep the Lupus in check most of the time, which is far more than I ever anticipated from a medication.


It's a drug that can cause damage to internal organs and other severe problems if not taken correctly. Please contact your Rheumatologist for lab work ASAP to ensure you are staying healthy while changing doses.

Hope you are also eating well and getting plenty of exercise on a daily basis.  NOTE: Without those two healthy habits, you probably could have high BP and gained weight.  Perhaps it's time to change some of your lifestyles?  Best wishes. And stay on the meds until you've seen your Rheumatologist!

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