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@Catty2 wrote:

Glad to hear it.  I got my second Pfizer shot on Thursday and am happy to be fully vaccinated.  Other than a sore arm didn't have side effects.  


You probably know this but you are not considered fully vaccinated until two weeks after your second shot. (Someone reminded me here and although I was aware, I appreciated the thought, so hope you take this in the manner it was intended 🙂).

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My daughter said she saw an advertisement requesting for people familiar with giving shots to please reply.


The area near where I live is way behind people who should be getting vaccinated NOT getting vaccinated.


That area is heavily Latino.  My next door neighbor and her family are from El Salvador originally.  In fact, a few years ago we all celebrated her mom (at the age of 80) become a citizen.


She said she and her family ( many who are eligible) are still deciding if they want the shot(s).


That might have something to do the low percentage of less vaccinated people.


My friend is a teacher’s aide.  As far as I know it isn’t a requirement for her job.  Her job requires her to go into the classroom every day.


I haven’t spoken to her lately.  Hopefully she and her family members decided to get the vaccine.


Her decision surprised me , because she’s always told me how afraid she is about getting Covid.

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@nevergivesup  DH and I were discussing the polio vaccine today as we made our way to the vaccination site.  He had the polio shot but I had the sugar cube.  It seened as though everyone took it at face value that a shot or sugar cube would stop polio.  

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@gidgetgh -

I don't worry about them getting the second shot but how they do after it and hope they do okay and its not too bad. But all worth it for sure!

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I have given myself well over 100 shots of Lovenox. Wonder if I would qualify?




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My nephew reported in this morning that "every single cell in my body aches". 

No fever, no chills, no nausea and just a slight headache.


As I'd previously posted, he received his 2nd Moderna shot yesterday, late afternoon.

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I'm planning on getting my this next week. Hopefully I can find the J&J one so I only have to get jabbed once!

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Wonderful for you!  Makes life so much more peaceful.

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Got my second jab over 7 hrs ago. Except for a sore arm no other side effects. Glad that I am fully vaccinated. 

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I got my 2nd Pfizer on Sat.  Slept all day Sun and Mon.  No other symptoms.