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Just been prescribed generic fosamax (alendronate sodium 70 mg) and have been reading up on it and found mostly negative reviews.  I am going to contact my doctor to further discuss this, but would appreciate any feedback (good or bad). Thanks.

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Can we ask if you have osteoporosis or osteopenia?? i have had had osteopenia for the last 18 years but it remains fairly stable, so I have never taken or been prescribed any of these kinds of drugs. From what I understand, many women now are getting infusions rather than taking any pills.  

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Last scan showed I went from osteopenis to osteoporosis especially in the left hip area.

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My encrinologist prescribed this about a year ago after a bone scan.  


It was once weekly, but after a month, I was in such terrible pain, I wasn't sleeping at night.  The pain was centered in my hips and was so bad I could not sleep on either side.  It was deep and relentless.


Told her I don't care what the scan showed, I wasn't taking it ever again.


I was a runner for MANY years, I now spin and do light resistance training.  If that is not enough, I'll just have to live with it.


Seems many of these meds are problematic.

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@pattyc, three of my sisters and I have been prescribed aledontronate for osteopenia or osteoporosis. One had a negative reaction (muscle spasms in her legs at night - she now gets shots every 6 months), but the rest of us have had no problems.


I can't speak for the results for my other two sisters, but I've taken it for 4 years for osteopenia, and two bone density tests show a slight improvement on my hips. My doctor is pleased with the results and wants me to continue taking it weekly, which I will do.


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After taking Fosamax I learned I can never have tooth implants even after 1 pill. I hope I don't need them!

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I've been taking this for many years.  I've had no side effects.  I think my insurance always goes for a generics.

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Thanks for all your replies!  Between the positive replys and talking to doctor, have decided to try it and as doctor said if it causes problems will revisit.

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I take the genetic for Bonita....its a once a month first I had aches and pains time body last bone density showed improvement....

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Many years ago, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis.  I took the Fosamax for a few short months and my stomach couldn't handle it. I haven't had a dexa scan recently but my last one ( probably about 4 yrs. ago) showed my numbers had not gotten any worse.  I am 71. Had I continued it, I believe I would have ended up with an ulcer.