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Re: For those who have purchased a Pilates reformer from QVC

I've had mine for about 12 years, maybe more (?) so they no longer make my particular model.  It is a 4-cord, equally weighted cords.  


I enjoy my machine and having lifted weights for some years in the gym, I'm familiar with different exercises/movements so I incorporate those.  One day I might use the machine strictly for resistance work, the next time for stretching/elongating, and the next time more aerobically, not resting between sets.


As others have said, it is difficult to fold up and store away, particularly if you are older.  If you must do that each time for space reasons, you will probably wind up not using the machine.  Mine is permanently open on the floor, so that isn't an issue for me.


A few months ago, I had looked into the possibility of purchasing a new machine, but noticed my machine is at least a couple of inches shorter in length and the bench is narrower, so instead I discovered I could purchase new wheels from Stamina.  My machine is like new now.


@Jtdmum, try googling to see if they have the parts you're looking for.