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Have you considered seeing a podiatrist for your foot cramping issues? 

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I'm dealing with this now.  I get terrible foot cramps that actually lock up my toes.  I was an avid walker but stopped when Covid hit.  I'm just getting back to it now and I know I'm really out of shape.  I've found that because my leg muscles are so weak from not using them, I can't walk as fast or long as I did.  One thing that might help you is stretching.  Also check what kind of footwear you're wearing and find something that will support your feet, especially your arches.  There is also a mineral supplement that some people have found helpful, but I can't remember which one.  Perhaps magnesium but not sure. When your feet cramp up, stand in place and step hard on the floor. Then walk around.  I find too if I slip into padded slippers I wear, it relieves the pain and cramping.  

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My husband gets leg cramps at night and finds that eating 1/2 a banana everyday for potassium helps as well as Theraworx sprayed on the cramp for immediate relief. it's OTC at any drug store.

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Try taking a drink of tonic water when you have foot and or leg cramps. I get very bad cramps in my feet a calves all I do is take a drink of tonic water and the cramps go away usually before I can get back into bed. Tonic water is very inexpensive, I get the kind with the screw on cap (33 oz.) it will stay fizzy for weeks in the refrigerator. My Dr. had recommend this, and I thought he was crazy, but then I decided to give it a try. It really works, my brother and my sister also have the same cramping problem, and it works for them too.

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One tablet works for me...


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 @rms1954  Try magnesium supplement. Often magnesium deficiency causes leg cramps....I get them too...

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Re: Foot Cramping Issues

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On another thread you said you weighed 65 pounds.  I'm sure you are  nutritionally deficient in a lot of vitamins and minerals which can be causing the cramping.  Dehydration is a very serious condition. You  might consider going to the ER to be evaluated. 

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So far I have not had foot or leg cramping but every night at least twice I have really bad back cramping which seems to occur with noises in my head.  This wakes me up several times a night and when I wake I am coming out of a dream.  Very weird.  Been to PC doctor, Neurologist, ENT and this is new to them.  Cramping with head noise.  Most sleep I can get  at a time is 3 hours, then wake with cramping. 

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I also have this problem and the only and I mean only soultion I have found works and works every time is to drink a 6 to 8 oz glass of Tonic Water, with Qunine.  I have tried the bananna, potstasium, pickle juice, mustard, walking it off, more water during the day. for me these are not much good. But a big glass of Tonic water with Quinine is the only thing that will make it go away. Its in the grocery store.    

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I deal with this issue as well, and have found that my shoes play a big part in how often I deal with this problem.   


Solid, structured shoes are a must for me all the time.  I never walk barefoot, and do not own flip flops or any type of flat soled shoe.  All of my shoes must be solid, and supportive, but Skechers do not work for me.

A new pair of Birkenstock shoes was purchased last year, and am still trying to adjust to wearing them, as they do make my feet and legs cramp if I wear the shoes more than 2 hours at a time.