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I can't sleep at night with this foot issue.  Started in one foot and ankle now both are causing sleepless nights, walking and balance issues.  Finally seeing a neurologist but could not get an appt until MAY.  I slept a total of about 2 hours last night.  First thing upon waking up my toes are so cramped and distored in all directions I have to physically ease them back into position.  I look like a freak and it hurts.

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@rms1954 I have had this issue with cramping severely in my legs and down to my feet. Thankfully I have gotten past it but I went through it for several months. I would have to hop out of bed and just try to walk around the room and massage calf, etc. I did try to start hydrating more, not sure if that's what helped or not. Good luck.

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Are you taking any type statin drugs for cholestrol?

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@buddysgirl wrote:

Are you taking any type statin drugs for cholestrol?


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Maybe change the shoes you're wearing and also consider possible dehydration so stay hydrated.

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Is it cramping or "restless leg syndrome"?

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Have you gotten vaccinated?


I have found since getting all three shots that I have developed pain in my legs in the bone areas in the front of my legs as well as in the muscles.


I found flexing my leg would relieve the pain.  The pain also comes when I go for a walk.


This has never happened to me before so I think the vaccines have reactivated some kind of arthritis that was present in my body before getting vaccinated.

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Low potassium?

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I have been plagued by leg and foot cramps since forever!  For leg cramps, every night before bed I massage my calf area and ankle to top of foot area with Theraworx.  Additionally, I have a wide variety of topicals I use as needed, such as BenGay, BioFreeze, Amish Origins cream, etc.  I usually put socks on, but seem to be able to take them off through the night.

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@rms1954  Boy, do I know how you feel. This past year I have had leg cramps like crazy. In fact I am starting to get hand cramps too.


I have found Pedialyte or pickle juice help. I can actually go back to sleep.


The problem with Pedialyte is you have to use the entire bottle within 48 hours. I generally do not drink more than a cup. So alot is wasted.


I always have a bottle of pickle juice handy. It seems I get the cramps more often now.