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I got mine yesterday at our Safeway pharmacy as I've done for years. I barely felt it. Our pharmacists all have a very light touch. No soreness or anything today.

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I got my flu shot the other day. It stung a little more than prior shots during the injection and my arm was a little bit achier at the injection site than in the past, but those were the only side effects I had this year. I was able to go about my business immediately afterwards.

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Got mine a week ago same pharmacy different pharmacist, such a lite tough I never felt a thing.  They were out of the ones for 65 and older and didn't know if they were getting more which is scarey.  Got my $10.00 gift card and immediately spent it.  

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Do they ask you if you want the senior shot if you're over 65?


I'm a not even a month into 65 and I don't want it, not this year.


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@TeachRsPet wrote:

I thought this one really stung too! Much more so than usual. My arm was definitely achy a few hours later. 

My husband and I are both under 65 and get the 4-tier shot or what is also known as the quadrivalent shot. It covers 2 Type A Flu Strains, and 2 Type B Flu Strains. 


Due to my health issues, it has been recommended to me that I get the 4-tier shot.


We went yesterday to get ours done. We like this one particular pharmacist who does them at one of our local Sam's Club pharmacies. 


I do have some soreness from this shot afterwards for awhile--probably for a few hours. The area where the shot was given on that arm also started to itch for awhile, and then it passed.


I also felt really warm for awhile.


We got our shots first, and then we did some shopping afterwards and walked around the store. 


I had taken my jacket off and just felt really warm. My husband said that it was me, as the store was not too warm. 


I felt alright by the time that we got home, which probably was about 2 hours later. 

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I'm going tomorrow.  The Pharmacy I go to is in a large grocery store, and it is a Zoo on weekends.  Two weeks early for me, but with some Flu already popping up, I want it now.  

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@Mary Bailey wrote:

I got mine early Sept.

Hopefully tomorrow will be 2nd part of shingles shot.

Same here except my second shingles shot was a few days earlier.    Glad to get all that taken care of.


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My Dr always told me to wait a little while because sometimes they “tweak” the medicine if it’s a different variety.

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Re: Flu shot yesterday

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I usually get mine in December.  Last year my arm was very sore for days and it felt like the liquid went immediately down to my foot.  Either that or I was sweating because I had socks on with my booties.  I hope it was just my imagination and I was sweating in my socks.  I am a little nervous this year getting it.Woman Sad.  

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I have gotten the flu shot for many years. Two years ago was the first time I had a reaction.....aches,pains,headache and fever for two days. It came upon me very quickly the next day. Last year I was sick for four days with the same symptoms. I am going to speak again with my doctor this month about receiving the shot. I’m wondering if the reaction is due to my immune system being affected by cancer treatments, even though that was almost 5years ago. At my last doctors visit she did want me to get this years shot so I will try to schedule it when my schedule isn’t busy.  Em