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@CelticCrafter wrote:

Do they ask you if you want the senior shot if you're over 65?


I'm a not even a month into 65 and I don't want it, not this year.


@CelticCrafter I would think you could get the under 65 one if you want.  I turned 65 4 months ago & they were out of the over 65 one so I got the under 65 one.

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I got shingles shot in one arm and the flu shot in other arm.  This was 5 days ago.  My arm very sore with shingles shot, but not for shot.  I,m 83 and Dr. Gave me reg. Shot for flu.  Nurse said not that much difference.  I,m was Ok until today.  Warm, and then freezing.  No pep, but no aches.  I am visiting the ladies room.

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We went to CVS this morning for ours and even if we had wanted the senior dosage they didn't have any left.  The pharmacist told us she didn't know if or when she would get more of them.

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DH and I got them last week at Wegman's.  First time for the high dose and my arm was extremely sore, red and itchy for several days.  Had a slight headache the same day but aspirin took care of it and also helped a bit for my sore arm.  Hubby had no reaction.

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Got mine yesterday and I’m 65 and thought the shot hurt more. Went to Walmart. Told to walk around for 10 minutes and before leaving let them know if ok. Just realized had a headache sometime later and the arm was sore. Southern Bee 


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I also got mine yesterday.  My arm is sore today!  More than  usual.  And I slept like a rock last night, I was so tired.

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Got mine today. I made an appointment at Walgreen's and the whole process took 5 minutes. The pharmacist that administered mine told me to massage the area where I received the injection to help minimize any soreness.

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