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It would be nice to see an MD with a set-up equipped to take phone calls when flares happen~ it would be wonderful to have an MD office that said... oh, no... you must come in right now or well, let's wait and see (meaning whatever the problem is it will most likely go away).

I do know that when my diet is very free of the bad things (which I used to be so good about) I do feel better. As it is now, I need to quit with the weekend hamburgers (ever since allowing red meat back in, my body has been screaming -- now that I think about it). Oatmeal in the am used to be my "usual" and now I don't ever even eat it at all...

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lovestoteach, YOU ARE RIGHT! When I am eating in a VERY limited eating plan, I feel MUCH better than when I'm eating carelessly. For me, that means NO GRAIN, no added salt or sugar, and a maximum of a few TBS. of dairy/ day, mostly several veggies, eggs/egg whites, nuts, green apples or berries for my daily meal, eating in a structured time frame. Even being "a little" careless about this can cause me to flare. I just have to be vigilant in this aspect of my life so I can feel my best in other aspects!
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On 12/11/2014 FATCATinCT said:
On 12/9/2014 Kachina624 said: First you might inquire as to where the OP lives. Lyme disease doesn't occur everywhere. I've never heard of a case of it in NM.

Yes, lyme IS everywhere. Where have you been? My llmd has people fly in from all over the world with severe cases of lyme.

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On 12/14/2014 Peachysue said:

Kippy, NewNick, loves, anewhue and everyone, greetings from a very sunny yet chilly afternoon.. oh what a difference a day makes- now don't anyone faint but I've actually been up and giving hubby orders! LOL He cut back my crepe myrtle and I just stood soaking in the warm sunshine.. that in its self is so good for the soul, body and mind. Hoping all are having a good Sunday afternoon & enjoying whatever you're doing.. Today is leg zap day, isn't that fun? Hmmm one good cry this morning, washed my hair and felt better.. Lord this fibro is crazy- there's no in between, seems it goes from one extreme to another yet on some days it's fine.. Unless someone has walked in our shoes, then they should study up like we have and try to realize how we can changed from day to day- we have no control over what our nerves/body does.. absolutely no control, out of the blue!!

ANewHue, long time ago when I'd lay on my right side, I started feeling a strange numbness in my left outer hip and rin into my anterior leg- then I did have a few hot tingling sensation from time to time. Please talk to your PCP about your symptoms- mine said mine was bursitis but as time has progressed it comes and goes- lateral hip area tenderness is an a trigger point for fibromyalgia- your best bet, again, is to speak openly with your physician and note any other strange sensations that might come & go... and I know from all our fibro friends, I haven't been alone in this journey... You can't discuss this with others that don't have a clue nor are they Doctors.... Start with your concerns with your physician and go from there. Any question you might have, all of us are here to help, we are all learning together...

Thanks peachy sue- I have mentioned it on a few occassions and the Dr. Doesn't say much. It feels like maybe blood is rushing to that one place, it gets very warm or hot for a few minutes and goes away. It doesn't happen often but when it does it happens everyday for a few days.
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An ealier paper published in the Journal of Womens Health in 2009 ans written by well known Lyme disease experts /Wormser & Shapiro cited a different reason for all this apparent disparity in symptoms between men and women with Lyme disease. The hypothesis presented ( in this case) was that that disease and conditions that have a higher preponderrance in women may be misdiagnoses as chronic Lyme disease.

Such conditions would include fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and depression. Patients with chronic Lyme disease were almost two and a half more likely to be female than those diagnosed with lyme disease.

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Small caution- even some of the very best doctors will ultimately admit that they will try EVERYTHING before even examining for Fibro. For me, getting a diagnosis took literally YEARS, because my pattern is unusual- I have lousy miserable flares often followed by WEEKS of relatively very comfortable functioning. If my doctor saw me in a comfortable phase, he'd think I didn't have fibro. Finally, he saw me two or three times in the same flare and admitted after checking for the pain spots that I did have it. I have also had autoimmune thyroid disease, a typical cmbination.