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Re: Fibro ladies, mattress recommendations please?

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Re: Fibro ladies, mattress recommendations please?

I bought a topper last year from Amazon and it's been a lifesaver. 3 inch thick 4 pound density visco memory foam. Made in the USA. Sold by Memory Foam Solutions.
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Re: Fibro ladies, mattress recommendations please?

I have a Temporpedic......I wouldn't be able to sleep without it. It hurts to lay on my side because my hips and thighs are so sore. I lay on my back. This mattress is made of thick coils and springs. It has truly been a godsend to me. It you can't afford the name brand you'll be able to find others. However, I've found this one to be the best. The top and bottom of the mattes will go up and down and I e found that having my feet lifted my back hurts less. Good luck to you and God bless. Fibro is so difficult to function with and good sleep and rest are important.
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Re: Fibro ladies, mattress recommendations please?

I have terrible Fibromyalgia. However, I will say you will get as many answers to your questions as there are people here.

Each person is different. Each person has his or her own idea of what feels best.

For instance, I get all of my sheets and pillow cases cleaned and ironed. I like them to feel like when you are in the hospital, no wrinkles and stiff.

I also like 1,000 thread count sheets (which is a heavy sheet).

My daughter stayed with me last week while I had thyroid surgery. She hated my mattresses on the guest beds.

She hated the sheets (she likes soft, unpressed sheets).

So, everyone is different. I would advise you to try out every make and brand (i.e. pillow top, etc) you can find. Then when you think you've decided, go back and check again. Only buy from a reputable manufacturer.

I have read where some of these people give you something different from what you think you purchased.

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Re: Fibro ladies, mattress recommendations please?

In desperation I purchased from Sleepy's a Dimension mattress. They came in 4 different choices according to your pressure points (laid down and computer showed pressure points). I paid $3200 for the mattress and box spring and have to say it is the best set i've ever purchased. The set is handmade by Kingsdown.