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Re: Fee to use MYCHART beginning

@fairydogmother wrote:
I'm guessing that the majority of patients will delete their My Chart account if it becomes a pay for use service. I use mine primarily to refill meds and to fill out surveys that my docs want, prior to appointments. 
I will not pay for that. Will go back to calling the office about meds. And filling out the surveys in the office when I get there. 
I think if they do charge, it only be for physician contacts that required a substantial amount of work. They won't charge for having the app and patients using it because that benefits the medical practices much more than it benefits patients.  

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Re: Fee to use MYCHART beginning

@Icegoddess wrote:
Never heard of MyChart. I guess if you're asking for the Dr.'s advice on something, that could be considered the same as an office visit. I never contact my Dr. via the portal. I ask for prescription renewal on my gynecologist's portal. I call my Primary Care Physician's office for new scripts. He doesn't have a portal, but does have a way to reach him online. Never used it. If I have a medical issue I call the office.
Wrong, MYCHART doesn't replace office visits. That's not what it's used for.  

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Re: Fee to use MYCHART beginning

Icegoddess, MyChart is another name for a patient portal. Maybe your state doesn't call it that? 


There will be no charge for checking out results, filling prescriptions or setting up appointments. They will be charged a fee if talking to a physician or spending a certain number of minutes online because of a health problem. Apparently, charge would be determined how many minutes are used talking to the physician. 


There is no reason to delete MyChart account; just don't use it unnecessarily.

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Re: Fee to use MYCHART beginning

This was copied from CMS' (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) website.  


Examples of messages that may be billed to insurance:

  • A new issue or symptom requiring medical assessment or referral
  • Adjusting medications
  • Chronic disease check-in
  • Flare-up or change in chronic condition
  • Request to complete a form

Examples of messages that won't be billed to insurance:

  • Request for a prescription refill
  • Request to schedule an appointment
  • Message that leads your provider to recommend a visit
  • Follow-up care related to a recent surgery (within the past 90 days) – with exceptions for some surgeries
  • Update for your doctor when no response is needed
  • Message that takes only a few minutes to answer


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Re: Fee to use MYCHART beginning

The fees may be because many health insurance providers are offering Televisit as part of their services.  Health insurance companies are also nickle and diming our primary care providers.


I also had a special televisit service through Consumerism that covered televist at any time.  We used it a few times for my kids to avoid paying a $35 co-pay to see the pediatrician.  

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Re: Fee to use MYCHART beginning

@Trinity11 wrote:

I first saw a fee with my cardiologist about two years ago in my portal. It was attached to a follow up phone call in regards to a review of an echocardiogram. I used the portal to request a reply. Insurance paid it in full. 

Since my doctor took time out of his very busy schedule, I was fine with him charging for his time.


would you have been fine with the charge if your insurance did not cover the charges?

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Re: Fee to use MYCHART beginning

Interesting..... I have MyChart and have considered them ok but certainly not worth IMHO a fee for their service, but then again, I don't bother them with anything. If anything, we have been "bothered" with unending "You have a message/letter in MyChart".  Then we'll go to open it and viola, another reminder to get a Covid update or a yearly Flu shot.... which we do automatically every year.  I enjoy filling out appropriate paperwork on line and having it be there when I arrive.  Otherwise I think of MyChart as more of a nuisance.



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Re: Fee to use MYCHART beginning

I haven't heard they might start charging for My Chart. I really like this feature but only use it for blood test results or making an appointment. I have asked a couple questions before but they were simple and could be answered by the nurse. I don't expect my Doctor to be there as I can understand charging if the Doctor needs to research and respond. But I won't use it if I have to pay. 

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Re: Fee to use MYCHART beginning

My Doctor just switched recently to MyChart. I sure hope nothing will be costing any money!

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Re: Fee to use MYCHART beginning

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I no longer use apps from my doctor's offices.  They are 3rd party apps.  I have been hacked twice from these apps and have had to take necessary precautions.  


I deleted the apps and it's easier, at least for me.  I'm tired of keeping up with user names and passwords for every single thing.  The hacking part from a 3rd party app was the ultimate dealbreaker.


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