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There's an app called NOOM that uses cognitive behavioral therapy which is empirically proven to work for many issues, such as depression. Not saying you are depressed just pointing out CBT works by changing how we think and react. There is also a program where I live that people rave about. I hear the commercials and some people have lost huge amounts of weight. It's call SOTA, state of the art weight loss. Maybe it's also in your area. This is simply information that you may find helpful - or not. Do your homework, you are a smart person and will find your answer. 

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@JeanLouiseFinch wrote:
@StillRachBjust a suggestion to look into healthy keto. I’ve been eating this way since mid June of last year and have lost 118 lbs. We love the variety of foods and even have things like cheesecake, coconut cream pie, pumpkin pie, cookies. They’re just made with different ingredients. If you have any questions, I’d be happy to help you.


I have to agree with you I have lost 45+ pounds with just incorporating a few keto and intermittent fasting tips , and found that my cravings are completely a thing of the past.

What helped me to keep following was to use MCT FLAVORED COFEE CREAMER  POWDER in my morning coffee.That way I could follow the intermittent fasting for 16 or more hours of not  being hungry.

I am a senior and did have the Richard Simmons cards,also did try to follow WW and  many other fads ,nothing worked and I was a lot lot  younger then,  but this Keto plus Intermittent Fasting was the answer and you can find so much information on the internet to help you with your journey.

Just be true to yourself and remember it's not going to happen overnight but when you start seeing the scale moving down you will continue..

I would  say before starting any weight loss if you aren't sure  check with your physician .

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I hit goal on the Points system.  WW has always worked for me - but once things get stressful - I reach for food and I tend to get back to the point of needing 30 lbs to lose.  I still need to lose that same darn 30 lbs.

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Read Fiber Fueled by Will B. - you can find it on Amazon. Eye opening, life changing!

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Re: Farewell WW

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I'm on my among friends. 

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WW has always worked for me, when I followed the program.


I rejoined for the online program on July 2nd, and am very pleased with my results. 


The WW app is a wealth of information, and very user friendly. 


You have choices about the program you prefer, depending on individual lifestyles.


I chose the green plan, and have 30 points each day to use. This plan is the most accountable one out of the three, which works for me. 


WW has never been about unlimited food groups. Some take the zero points for chicken, eggs, beans, and fruit as a green light to eat endlessly. Not the case, but some people can practice portion control without entering these foods on the app. I am not one of those people, and so the green plan does have points assigned for these foods.


WW prompts me each week on Monday morning to weigh in. The app keeps track of my weight, and I have received 3 awards in the mail so far. 


I have lost 26 pounds following this plan since July 2nd, and my plan is to follow the maintenance part of the WW program soon. This is a program for a lifetime.