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           Hi, @LilacTree!   I just now saw your wonderful news.   I'm so happy for you, and I hope and pray for better days which do seem to be at hand, finally.   Thank you for the updates.   Sending you the gentlest of (((hugs))).❤️


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Hi Ford,


I'm so very happy for you!!!


Actually connecting with a physician who thinks and reasons beyond his/her nose is a rarity these days.  You are blessed.  Good things to come, for sure.


~ Rebecca

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This is such GOOD news!


My wonderful  Rheumatologist / Immunologist has literally kept me going for years.


I was so in hopes this would happen for you!


Having a Doc you trust and respect, is... well, goodness of it can’t even be expressed for those who live with chronic, degenerative diseases.


CHEERS.      👏🏻

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