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Re: FDA Strawberry Warning

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Not sure how much trust I have in any of these agencies anymore. Starting with the WHO/CDC/FDA, or whatever other 3 Letter institutes that make claims. Some of the statements made by all of them, over the last 2+ years? Many without any studies to really know any statistics, especially even the short term effects, much less the long term.


I am almost positive there is a vaccine for this strain of hepatitis, along with other prophylaxis, available to help prevent the most serious consequences. 


How people choose to live their life is none of my business. For me to believe things now coming out of these organizations? Some to me don't even pass my common sense standards. Wonder how many know that last year 43,00 deaths occurred in motor vehicles, while less than 4,000 died from hepatitis A?


Said here way too many times, but I will repeat it again. I am going to die, from or of something, but fear will never contribute to how I choose to enjoy my time remaining. Risks are everywhere it seems nowadays, what comes next that might kill me? Came pretty darned close several times, but none have changed much, if any, ways I choose to live my life!


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