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On 11/22/2014 nanny24 said:

I seem to have excess yeast in my body, and have tried numerous ways to decrease it. Has anyone found a good way to rid their body of it? If you don't know, google 'spit test for yeast' and it will tell you how to do the test. I have taken probiotics for over a year, and also tried coconut oil, and supplements. I got interested in this when I tried a weight loss supplement and it totally didn't work. I tried their suggestion of the yeast test , which they say excess yeast prevents your body from absorbing supplements. I have it abundantly (the yeast). Any help? Thanks.

Nanny24, as I understand it, you "seem" to have excess yeast in your body, and your "diagnosis" came about when you tried a weight loss supplement that "totally didn't work". {#emotions_dlg.unsure}

Did it ever occur to you that a LOT of weight loss products don't work, and this has nothing to do with yeast?

Has anyone else diagnosed this as a problem for you ..... or you came to this conclusion all by yourself? {#emotions_dlg.confused1}

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nanny24, an anti-fungal diet would be a good place to start. Doug Kaufmann is an expert in the effects of yeast and fungus on the body. His website has some great information, and his Phase One Diet can definitely help with yeast/fungus problems. I've been following his advice for 15 years and it has served me well.

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Yeast feeds on sugar.

Eliminate sugar from your diet and yeast will dissipate.

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A few comments: over-the-counter weight loss supplements do not work. If one has x-ray vision to read the fine print, it's possible to see the disclaimer on the package of all these products...that the claims have not been verified and nobody may see advertised results. Therefore, the basis on which the yeast test was conducted may not be valid. A friend of mine went to a non-traditional physician who told her she had all kinds of harmful overgrowth of yeast, minerals, and other harmful substances in her body. My friend paid thousand of dollars on tests, supplements, foods that did nothing to help her. She finally saw a nutritionist and a gastroenterologist who dealt with her problems appropriately. Finally, it's my understanding that celiac disease cannot be diagnosed through colonoscopy but rather upper GI endoscopy. There is a blood test but it is nit always reliable. All I will say to the O/P is get a second opinion before embarking on any extreme measures that might do more harm than good.
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On 11/24/2014 Carmie said:

To the ladies who responded that this is quackery and one should consult a doctor., I can tell you from personal experience that American doctors are taught to write a prescription for the symptoms and not find a cure for the problem.

All they will do is order the usual blood tests and if they can't find anything wrong, they will write you a prescription for the symptoms.

I have suffered for many, many years with digestive disorders. I have had diarrhea every day for many years. It would get worse when I was traveling. In the past. I have had potty accidents a few times a month because the urge came on so fast, I couldn't make it to the bathroom on time...even in my own home. However, it has happened at work, in the car and in other public places.

My life was a living he*l. I went to many doctors and specialists who all said, It was in my head...too much stress in my life and wrote me an RX that, by the way didn't work. My blood tests were normal.

I have celiac disease. It is simple to diagnose, but no one took the time to test me for it. Most doctors only give you 15-20 minutes per visit.

I diagnosed myself from reading about it on the internet, went off of gluten for months then I went to a gastroenterologist for help because my friends and family didn't beleive me. The Gastro did a colonoscopy and a test for celiac disease, The results of the test was negative for celiac disease.

When the doctor gave me the results, I was shocked. The test was a waste of time, because I had no gluten in my sysyem for months. Of course the test would come back negative.

I read on the internet that in order for the test to be valid and true, a patient would have to eat gluten and have it in the system.

So, I had to explain that to the stupid doctor who is a specialist and he had to do the test again after I ate food with gluten. This time the test came back positive.

Medical doctors are great if they know what's wrong with you, but if they don't, you have to do your homework before you visit them. They need hints and ideas because they are too busy with colds, high blood pressure and diabetes to have time to think outside of the box.

We all know our own body and we know when something is wrong. Many people have problems related to the food they eat. They can either try to find how to treat it by adjusting their diet or go to a doctor who will treat the symptoms with a pill, but still doesn't help.

I am all for adjusting our diets to see if the problems go away if the blood tests come back negative. It's 100% better than stuffing our liver with chemicals

We can all agree that it is medically necessary that people see a doctor, have tests done and take medications for some diseases and medical problems. but sometimes an adjustment in our diet is all that is needed.

I agree with this post 100%. Carmie is exactly correct on the topic of how doctors operate. They do not look for causes, they simply treat the symptoms with meds.

And she is right about food being the cause for many things that go wrong, most especially with our digestive systems, which should be obvious, but rarely discussed in a doc's office. Even a gastro doc.

Thanks for this realistic post, Carmie. {#emotions_dlg.thumbup1}

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On 11/24/2014 Shopping momma said: Oh and don't listen to all these negative nellys on here. Obviously they have never been failed by our medical system and are oblivious to how that is possible. One day they may have there turn in experiencing it, but until then I guess we have to put up with such uneducated opinions.

{#emotions_dlg.thumbup} yep