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I am almost to my 5 year end of taking Tamoxifen.  My team said that for me, 5 years was satisfactory.  I am glad but in a way I am a little nervous about stopping it.  Not that I want to stay on it but all sorts of things go through my head...Has anyone stopped it GRADUALLY?  I see my oncologist in May and plan to ask him about that.  Just wondered.

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I wasn't on tamoxifen, but aromisen (not sure of spelling) for 5 years.  I felt the same way.  But I just stopped, and as time passed I was gradually able to have first days, then weeks, without dwelling on what might happen with my health.  It has been a few years since I stopped now, and thankfully my focus has moved further away from the anxiety.


Good idea to speak with your oncologist, they deal with these issues all the time.  


Chin up!  You fought hard and walked away with your health and life.  Great job!

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@midnightgirl That is wonderful! I did 5years of tamoxifen and am on year 3 of anastraloze, I also get lupron every month. They are going to review my tumor (did not realize they had it still!!) to see if longer term meds are necessary. I hate the anastroloze because while tamoxifen helps bone density, anastroloze is wreaking havoc with it. So I am hoping maybe just continue with the lupron. Who knows??


But congratulations!! I know how you feel, it took me over a eary to take my port out after finishing chemo treatment. It was really weird. I also still cannot call myself a survivor, although I know how fortunate I am.


Best of luck to you!

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I also have a hard time calling myself a survivor.  It is truly a life changing experience.  I feel like I have been changed forever.  It is all but impossible to "trust" my body again.  But I am thankful to be here and for being able to focus on other things.

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I am approaching my 20th year since having breast cancer.  I was on Arimidex for five years after chemo and radiation.  I was very nervous being taken off all meds after completing my five years but I put my faith in my Doctor. I will say this, even after all these years, each yearly mammogram I still get nervous until I receive my "all clear" letter.  Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary.

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Congratulations to all of you, no matter where you are in your journey. You are champions!

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I was on Tamoxifen for 5 years.  Didn't need to taper off.  I am now a 22 year survivor.. Stiill get anxiety each time I have a mammogram.  Good luck to you.

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@midnightgirl I just had my one year anniversary of being off Arimidex (March 16) which I also took for five years.   In some studies they want you to take it for ten but in my case they said the benefits would be extremely low for me to continue on it so I stopped.  I am happy as I am not one to take too much in medication.  I don't think gradual discontinuing is the way those meds work so most likely you will just stop.  Funny how we all have our little quams about these things.  I still have my last prescription bottle for it as I am afraid to throw it away, silly I know.   But as far a my chemo port, I couldn't get that thing removed fast enough though I have the battle scars that remind me everyday how lucky I am to be here.   Bless all of you, my sisters!!

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Re: End of taking tamoxifen

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To all you brave THRIVERS/survivors of any type of cancer!!!! You are my heros!!!!


I am in your group as well--my onc Dr wants me on meds for 10 years--am now on year 8--I took tamox just until this year as I am post meno but couldn't tolerate the other aromatase drugs for my age after finishing with my treatments,---but had an issue that required a D&C this past Jan as there was a thickening of my uterus due to the tamox. Was cleared of any problems, and  am now on the arimidex until 2022. Will be looking forward to finishing up and will follow my drs direction as to how to stop taking it. Congrats to all of youWoman Very HappyHeart

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Happy Dance for you!!  Congratulations!!


Although mine isn't breast cancer, I know how great how it is to have the scan scheme stretched.


Peace to you and yours ❤️ and good wishes.