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@Drythe wrote:

I’ve had RA since a teen.  Have taken Methotrexate over 30 years.

Blood work for liver function, etc. every 3 months,  no cardio, etc. problems.


***Of note - of course as it is an immune-suppressant I’m more likely to get infections, if I catch your cold, it may develop into pneumonia, a small scratch may become infected.  So I have to be watchful.


That said, it has been very helpful in dealing with my RA, and taken in conjunction with Clinoril, has kept me from having to move up to any Biologicals, or more risky drugs.


WHERE are all those MDs who are pushing ‘those expensive new drugs’?

these drugs are both OLD school & cheap!  No one has ever suggested that I should move up ‘just because’.


That said I think you are best served to keep in close contact with your Rheumatologist.  Everyone can come up with apocryphal accounts, but you must be your own best judge.



I take those 2 also (mine is injection) in addition to sulphasalazene and of course folic acid.  I’ve been taking for 16 yrs for RA and 2 other AI diseases.  Also chronic fatigue. Glad to hear they have worked for you that long.  They are still working for me too.  Have side effects off and on.  I’m glad to have this combination to stop and slow down disease progression.