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@PamfromCT wrote:

Somewhat related to avoiding illness, quite a while back I eliminated all hand towels in my home.  Not only at our kitchen sink, we use paper towels to dry our hands in all bathrooms.  There are some nice towel holders out there - found a few marble ones - that sit on our bathroom vanities.

I do hang some hand towels on our downstairs half-bath, just for “show” on existing towel bars.  Our wash clothes and bath towels are washed daily.

I do the same - but only in the winter.  In summer I keep hand towels on the towel rack but in winter keep a roll of paper towels on the countertop of the sink.  Not sure if they still sell - but Kleenex used to advertise a box (like their tissues) but inside were disposable hand towels and you could buy in white or with designs.  

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How would the EPA or the FDA be involved????   Bleach and all of the Clorox disinfectant products will kill flu viruses.  Our Occupational Healthy Department at work told has that several years ago when some of us complained about the people who insist upon coming to work when they are coughing, snorting, snotting and and telling everyone how sick they are.  Businesses can make people stay home but the occ health nurse told us Clorox products are formulated to kill everything even the flu.  Which is not true of all household disinfectants.