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On 1/13/2015 Preds said:

Way to go BUCKEYES!!!!!!

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{#emotions_dlg.thumbup} YAY Buckeyes.

I shared this on another page, but was encouraged by other posters to share it here.....

A dear friend, years ago, got me interested in college football. I am a rabid, NY Yankees, NY Giants and NY Rangers fan for MANY years. But, I was never interested in college sports.

Years ago, my dear, late friend, Fran, talked with me, at length, about her beloved Crimson Tide. She was their greatest fan and shared a lot of knowledge about her beloved Tide. She "helped" coach them from her comfy living room chair. lol

I started to watch games, when I could, here in Jersey. She and I would chat about the games early the next week.

It's been several years since she passed. I still root for them, watch when possible, and follow the scores in Sunday's paper.

A mutual friend of ours is a rabid Buckeyes fan. She and Fran would tease one another about their teams....which one was better, which one would win, etc..

This year, when The Tide played the Buckeyes, I rooted for both. Our friend could swear she heard Fran cheering from heaven.

I think there was an "extra" coach from above helping out the Buckeyes the other night.

It was an exciting game to watch!!

Yes, years later, the legacy continues. I still root for the Tide. Now, I include the Buckeyes in my cheering as well.

I've made my dear friend so proud becoming a college football fan.

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You are one in a million to root for the Tide and Buckeyes. Diehard fans here in the Tuscaloosa area. What a very nice story.

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Hi Hoovermom, Smiley Happy

I may be one in a million when it comes to college sports, because I root for my friends' teams. lol College sports, in my area of the country, are not as big a deal as it is in other parts of the country.

When it comes to my pro-teams, I am a diehard fan. I'm not nearly as nice about rooting for other teams.........even my friends' teams. lol

ETA: I really need to proof-read before hitting submit. lol

You can take the girl out of Jersey, but you can't take Jersey out of the girl. Jersey Girl living in CNY.
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What a terrible match-up for a championship game... So many have been begging for a playoff and now there is one and THIS is what you get...?

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