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@patbz wrote:

Don't know anything about Dry Needling but what worked for my PF was Reflexology.  Most cities have it and usually it is about $45 for 1 hour.  Every place I've had it done has Chinese techs (usually trained in hospitals in China).  It involves soaking your feet in warm water with herbs, extensive foot massage and massage of your extremities, neck, shoulders and back (with your clothes on).  I've had this done in CA, AZ, NV and Singapore; it made my PF to away and never return.




Found a few places in town that do this so I will check it out.

One place is in foreign language so could not read it but shows $35 per session.

Another place wants $75 for 1 hr or $110 for 90 mins.

Also a pain clinic in town I will check out. I will have to see if this doctor is listed under my Ins.

Thanks for replying. 

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My DH has Plantar Fascitis in one foot and he can be miserable when it acts up.


He has been helped greatly by wearing a foot brace made for this issue when he is sitting down watching TV or sleeping.  It helps if he uses it. Unfortunately, he only uses it when he is hurting really bad and not for everyday maintenance to be pain free.  


He never tried the dry needling.


I am sorry you have this and hope you find a solution for pain relief.

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My brother-in-law is a podiatrist and I also suffer from plantar fasciitis. The treatment that has worked best for me is to freeze a water bottle, personal size of course, and to use that under the arch of my foot as long as I can stand it two or three times a day it really helped..Kind of roll my foot on top of it, if you can picture it...


Hey! It’s free and it works for me might as well try it