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I take an NSAID every day for my arthritis -there are many Non Steroidal antiinflammatory drugs for arthritis and I have been on Daypro for a few years now. It really helps my back pain and general joint issues. Last week I went to walgreens to get my prescription filled and they said they didn't have the drug and I would have to wait. I said no problem as I still had some left. in about a week they called and said the drug was in. When I went to get it they only gave me 60 instead of 90 days and the drug was not my drug or the generic but actually a different drug - a substitution. I figured this was all I was going to get and I needed the drug by now so I accepted it. I started taking it sunday and by tues. I was having terrible pain - by today I can hardly walk. This evening I had to take a hydrocodone I have left since my knee surgery. I am definately going to have to go to Walgreens tomarrow and hope they will give me the actual prescribed drug OR give me back my money and my prescription so I can go elsewhere and get the real thing. This has been terrible.I didn't know thewy were allowede to actually substitute a drug without my permission, and , of course, the permission of my doctor.