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Re: Does anyone take Fosamax for Osteopenia

There are other types of osteoporosis drugs, other than the bisphosphonates which are Fosamax, Boniva and others.

This is NOT meant to scare you: I took Fosamax for several years and experienced a femur fracture, a rare side effect. I had to have surgery. I'm taking Evista now, a different type of drug.

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Re: Does anyone take Fosamax for Osteopenia

I took Fosomax about 10 years ago for my osteopenia. I was on it several years when I began to notice my two front teeth wobbling. Talk to my doctor, he took me off, my teeth have become stronger and no longer move when I touch them.

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Re: Does anyone take Fosamax for Osteopenia


I took a similar drug for @ 10 years, then my rheumatologist and I had a talk about my going off of it and ramping up my calcium + magnesium supplements to see how I did w/o the drug. She agreed as long as I continued annual bone density screens. 3 years later, still holding my own!

I had no tooth or jaw problems.

Best wishes to you.

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Re: Does anyone take Fosamax for Osteopenia

I have severe osteoporosis at 64, and was diagnosed with it at 50. I cannot take Fosomax because it causes me so much muscle pain. My endo wanted me to take daily shots, but I refused because they have a "black box" warning for them, and the maximum time that you are able to take them is 2 yrs, in any case. My bones have been the equivilent of a woman with bad bones in her 90's, since the first test when I was 50. My hips are worse than my spine, and my jaw bones are as bad as my hips and spine.

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Re: Does anyone take Fosamax for Osteopenia

I'm 55. I was diagnosed with osteopenia four years ago. I briefly took Actonel. I read the risks and stopped. My previous doctor did not try to get me to go back on it.

My new doctor wanted me to go on Fosamax. I declined. I'm taking AL calcium/bone supplements and (try to) do some weight training,

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Re: Does anyone take Fosamax for Osteopenia

On 12/10/2014 CHEX said:

Really do your homework and read up on how this drug works. It only appears to make your bones denser by preventing dead bone cells from falling away. It does not solve the problem and it does not make bones stronger. Many on this type of drug for several years end up with bone shear breaks. No easy answers but there are many things YOU can do to improve bone health. Suggest you check out

Dr Susan Brown is a specialist in bone health. Lots of information that you can trust on her site.

Good advice! I subscribe to the updates for the betterbones site and find it quite informative. I also subscribe to saveourbonesdot com.

My absolute favorite is a physical therapist by the name of Margaret Martin. Her site is melioguidedotcom. She has great tips on how to move and exercise. The email I received today had a video of how to shovel snow safely. I actually signed up on her site for her exercise program. It took my dexa results along with my activity level and gave me a bone building exercise routine. She has videos of all the exercises and how to perform daily task safely so not to get compression fractures. She has a lot of information on the site for free so sign up for her blog and youtube channel if you don't want the program. Word of caution, do not do sit ups or any exercise that curls your back like that with low bone density.

There is so much information out there on the drugs so please take your time to research the side affects. My gyno office stopped prescribing these drugs for osteopenia due to the side affects. I know two people that had the femur fracture. The is also so much information on changing your lifestyle with exercise, diet and supplements to make you body naturally repair itself. Most women have some sort of bone loss as they age so you will never be able to repair it to youthful state. You can slow down the loss if not halt it. Some even have success in rebuilding some.

Consider it a blessing that your results are only in the osteopenia stage and that you are smart to ask questions before just filling the prescription. Wishing you the best!

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Re: Does anyone take Fosamax for Osteopenia

On 12/9/2014 only shops online said:

My mother took if for several years, and she lost a lot of jaw bone as a side effect. It caused her to lose several implants that she had.

Do you recall your mother mentioning any pains or discomfort during the time she was taking the meds that would have indicated that there may be a problem? TIA

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Re: Does anyone take Fosamax for Osteopenia

Many thanks for the BetterBones website, CHEX. I was using a weighted vest before the colder weather set in, and I'm going to go back to using it. My supplement contains all of the components of bone building except Boron, but my diet is fairly Boron rich anyway. I'm doing everything I can think of to AVOID the use of prescriptions......