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Re: Doctors Underprescribing Pain Meds

I’d like to take a minute ( yes, I think I can take a minute) to say ( like many of you feel too I’m sure), that these Drs and others who are so stingy with the pain meds, have probably not lived with the kind of pain we’ve had to live with.


The world is set up so that most of us MUST ‘muster’ up enough strength and work through the pain to keep up with others.


A quick story...My ex-son In law’s father is an orthopedic surgeon.  He’s always had a reputation for telling his patients to get up, keep moving, ignore the pain and it will ‘work it’s self out’😜


Well after a few years of standing on those cement operating floors and turning 60, he started aging severe hip pain.


About 2 years later, the pain was so bad he couldn’t ‘work thru it’ anymore and had to have both hips replaced.


The story goes (as told by his wife) he became a better Dr.  He finally understood the pain his patients were feeling.


Let’s just say he no longer tells his patients to ‘work thru’ the pain!


All of my Drs have constantly told me that when someone takes pain medication to help the excruciating pain they’re enduring, for the most part they don’t become an addict.


I know some people continue taking the medicine long after the pain goes away....none of us are talking about those people.


Those of us who are in our 70’s and some younger must keep up with the people around us, that’s when we NEED that pain medicine.


Ive always said that I wish someone would invent a machine that could register the amount of pain we are feeling so others can visually see it AND would give these Drs a feeling of our pain so that (for a few minutes) they could feel OUR pain.


I think they’d change their tune and be more generous with the pain meds.


One more thing that my Dr told me.  Most of the people who are dying from Oxy or other pain meds are dying from street pills that are laced with fennel and other very strong stuff.


If you notice I don’t call that ‘stuff’ meds because they aren’t medicine.  They weren’t meant to help people they are meant to get and keep the user high.

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Re: Doctors Underprescribing Pain Meds

@Annabellethecat How is your daughter who went through the divorce?  That can be so hard.


My son just got remarried after his divorce, but he will feel the after affects for years.  It hurts my heart because it hurts him and the kids.

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Re: Doctors Underprescribing Pain Meds


I have a few different sources of pain:

scoliosis, slipped disc,sciatica.

The Dr rec I take pain classes ( can't remember what they are called). They teach you breathing , yoga and relaxation. All in IMHO not effective for what ails me. I declined. 

So glad you were able to over come your pain and resume the things you love.

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Re: Doctors Underprescribing Pain Meds

I had a root canal, it wasn't my first.  Didn't receive pain medication after previous ones and was expecting any with this one.  After the procedure, the dentist went to great lengths, including documentation about how OTC like Motrin has be found to be just as effective for painrelief as a prescribed pain medication.  Even gave me a handout.  A root canal is a far cry from a dislocated shoulder, I'm not comparing the two. I just thought that while she was telling me all this that it had more to do with over prescribed pain meds.  

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Re: Doctors Underprescribing Pain Meds

My BF had oral surgery last week to remove tori/exostosis.  This involved shaving bone growths from his upper gums, cutting into the gums and creating a "flap" to stitch them back down.  He was awake for the procedure.


He received 6 pain pills.  

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Re: Doctors Underprescribing Pain Meds

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@lolakimono   My husband had Tori and was put to sleep for the procedure by the oral surgeon, this is not something to be accomplished in the chair.  Your BF will be glad he did it though. I'm wishing him a speedy recovery.

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Re: Doctors Underprescribing Pain Meds

I think I'd explain to your doctor this isn't cutting it and you either need more or something else. 

I fell last year and hurt my hip and my nurse practioner gave me tramadol I think. And it was maybe 30. 

Its terrible that some doctors are scared to give meds to people who really need them.

I hope you are feeling better soon, @evergreen1, your injury sounds painful. I'm truly sorry you are havng to live with it.

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Re: Doctors Underprescribing Pain Meds

This subject infuriates me as well. I had a doctor tell me one time that the reason the DEA and and the passing of more strict state and federal laws is because “they” can control what doctors prescribe, but can’t control the drug problem on the streets or what’s being shipped from other countries! So, ultimately the patient in real pain... pays the price. 

I know there are bad doctors who have been caught running pill mills, but there are bad people in every field! There is absolutely no reason that someone with chronic pain or and injury should be treated like an addict, when it’s easy to look them up in each state on the Pharmacy Website to see what scripts they’ve had filled, when and where. I know this because I’ve worked in doctors offices and if a patient had an appointment and was on a controlled substance, we would print it out for the doc to check before they went in the room. 

One last thing that grates me is Seeing people being treated like “drug addicts” by pharmacy staff because they’ve been prescribed a controlled substance. It’s happened to me and I’ve seen it happen to complete strangers and family members. 

I could go on but I won’t. 😤😤

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Re: Doctors Underprescribing Pain Meds

In contrast JACHO has emphasized adequate pain control for hospitalized patients for many years.  They found that pain was under treated.  Guess you could always complain to those who oversee his license.  

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Re: Doctors Underprescribing Pain Meds

Sorry if this has already been mentioned. This prescribing stuff and not prescribing is the law. If too much drs can be reported.

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