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Re: Doctor vague about another doctor

@jlkz wrote:

The mention of dermatologists touched a sore point with me.  Over the years I have gone for an annual skin check.  Every time I went with a female dermatologist, I was very unhappy: either they had an attitude and wouldn't answer simple questions or were reluctant to treat an ongoing issue with a more aggressive approach.


One woman after checking on something near my eye replied " She could live with it " response back was " Yes, but will I ? "  Years later I had to take my elderly father for a lesion removal and she was the doctor.  So charming with him...what a phoney.


Another dermatologist had very young fellows in the treatment room.  They were a distraction with their sly looks and childish faces.  One and only one appt. with her.  When I called for another appt., I asked if she was still using the young boys and told the reception that I was going elsewhere.


Last month I went back for a third annual skin check at the same practice.  This time a male doctor handled the appt. He listened to my concerns from the previous annual appt and said he was going to take a more aggressive treatment with regard to several issues.  I am so glad that he is now my doctor of choice.  ( The prior two appts. Were with a woman doctor....felt like an assembly line. )


I am usually pro-women in every thing I do.  But when it comes to is a no-go because of a preponderance of troublesome situations and attitudes.


Thanks for letting me vent this frustration !


Dermatology fellows are NOT "young boys" (or "young girls" for that matter). They are adult. They are physicians. Your comment is insulting.  Fortunately not everyone feels like you or medical education would not be possible.