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Re: Diovan, valsartan recalled today

Well, saw my MD today, and she was shocked I said they were recalling the Valsartan, and immediately checked whatever sources she has.   She read off the info and it said the FDA was ordering certain brands .... all made in China.  Other sources would be okay, but I'm starting another med because of the nausea I was having every morning .... I'm tired if that queasy feeling.


BTW .... I also spoke to a pharmacist where I have my meds filled.  He said they (Walmart) were pulling all versions of Valsartan.  Maybe some confusion about the safety of this drug?


Anyway, if nothing else, I'm glad to get rid of that "queasy" pill!    Hope the new one is okay.    





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Re: Diovan, valsartan recalled today

@shoekitty & @Tinkrbl44~ I went to my pharmacy this morning also.. and was a bit shocked to hear them say that they don't call or even send out an email notice when there's been a recalled drug of any kind. Yet--- they'll call to remind me that my order is ready for pick-up?? Good grief, is it just me or where is the "customer care" and logic in that? 


Anyway, I was able to get my refill on Valsartan HCTZ because the brand they had (Macleods) wasn't currently under the recall. However, one of the two pharmacist there was reluctant to give it and even made a call before releasing it. So after thinking it over, I think I'm going to call my GP this afternoon and request a temporary change of meds until this issue with Valsartan gets resolved. 


And BTW, Diovan is on backorder everywhere. 


Thanks again @shoekitty for bringing this to everyone's attention.HeartSmiley Happy

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Re: Diovan, valsartan recalled today

@Sunshine45 wrote:

my mom went  to her pharmacy two days ago to make sure.

hers was NOT one of the valsartans recalled.

My husband's wasn't on the recall list either.