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Is there a test for diabetes and how did you find out?  I have been waking up at night at least 3 times and having to go. Wondering if this is a sign. Going for a blood test in a couple of weeks-Just a general one. I hope

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Increased urination at night can indicate many, things. Tell your doc so he includes that in his tests. I'm sure he will have a few other questions for you, to rule out other possibilities.


I have this issue also @halfpint1, and for me it has nothing to do with diabetes.


I take a med.

One brand causes this as a side effect.

Another brand of the same med doesn't do this, so I sleep through the night.

Guess which one the insurance refuses to pay for.

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DH went to doctor 12/5 for annual check which included a blood test. The test revealed he was in the diabetic range. He is now exercising and eating better and testing blood three times a week.


No meds necessary yet.

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If you have a friend or family member who is diabetic you could ask them to test you. Chances are they have a blood sugar monitor and, depending on their meter, it would only cost them around 50 cents or a dollar to test you and would only take a few seconds. That way you would have peace of mind knowing either way, depending on the test result. Or if there i a company nurse where you work they could test you. They also sell a generic blood sugar monitor at Wal Mart for $20, and the test strips are $10 - you don't need a prescription to buy it. Just a few suggestions. Good luck and Happy New Year.

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I was getting up a couple of times a night "to go" until I found out I have severe sleep apnea.  I got a CPAP machine and that fixed the problem.  I never have to get up during the night anymore.

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I don't know the different signs of diabetes but a couple of years ago my feet and ankles swelled up pretty bad, after a few days I went to the doctor. The doctor ordered a blood test to check for diabetes. The results didn't show any indication of it, didn't ask what she was checking for (thinking glucose?). The swelling finally went away, sometime after it hit me, duh - at that time I had been on a major popcorn kick, I was eating it everyday.  The swelling had subsided once I quit eating popcorn, it was all the sodium 😣 You said the blood test you're going for is a basic one, if the doctor didn't order it to check for diabetes tell them you want that checked also.  Good luck, hope it's not diabetes but just a full bladder. 

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Hasn't your Dr ever ran a blood test for diabetes, on you @halfpint1? As often as you are there ,I would be very surprised i,f they hadn't already tested you for sugar.

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When your blood glucose level is high enough to cause frequent urination, you are in and out of the bathroom non stop around the clock, not just at night.   Urine is also darker, and sticky, due to sugar you are spilling thru your kidneys.   


Extreme fatigue, noticeable weight loss, and unquenchable thirst are also very prominent signs of diabetes.   


A dropped and/or weakened bladder is often the result of frequent bathroom trips at night.   

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I think most blood tests would include a glucose check @halfpint1. Don't forget to mention your frequent urination to your doctor.

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Just go to your doctor and give him your symptoms, tell him your concerns.  He or she will do an exam and order the appropriate lab work to screen for diabetes or another of other things.  I assume the blood test you spoke of us will be a blood glucose test, probably A1C.  Depending on your risk factors and health status, you doctor might do a fasting blood glucose test.