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Re: Deviated Septum....or...Balloon Sinuplasty

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@VaBelle35  No I have never done one of these elimination diets.  When they tested me for allergies they did for food also and surprisingly my report shows I have none.  Nothing to avoid according to it.  So I never pursued changing my diet.  Wonder if it would still help?  Something for me to consider and thank you for posting your idea....I appreciate ALL helpful posts and ideas or things I should mention to the doctors when I go in.


That is amazing that diet change made such a difference for you....I have heard others reporting this and other things getting better.



Please know that one can have a negative experience on an elimination diet.  I was placed on one several times by my neuro migraine specialists.  (Have had chronic migraine since July 1984.)  On each occasion, the elimination diet was a bust.


Now, fast forward to the spring of 2017, where one of the people who is a fairly regular contributor here urged me to further read labels and stay away from any sort of "modified" food.  This includes "modified food starch,"modified tapioca starch," "modified soy protein," etc.  Additionally, MSG and it's cohorts.  And, on the Top 5 of list is "Sea Salt," which will spike a level 8 pain in me within 3 minutes of ingestion.  Sea salt is full of garbage!  The biggie to avoid when grabbing fast food is KFC; second to that is Burger King.  The lists go on. 


So, if I adhere to the above and try like heck to maintain low stress levels and get decent sleep (not happening), I am now down a full 80% in migraine pain spikes.


So, you see it was never a specific food - rather ingredients.

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Re: Deviated Septum....or...Balloon Sinuplasty

Thanks for explaining that .....very good info for me to look at.