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Gee sorry to read of your dh's continuing problems. Sure hope they fix his retina for good this time. Sending good wishes.

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Re: Detached Retina update

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@chlema wrote:

The update on DH's retinal surgery - He saw the surgeon last Friday and doctor was very pleased by what he saw.   Then----yesterday morning he woke up and had a film over the eye.  Went in right away and they found the retina is tearing away and tomorrow he goes for further surgery.  Boy, we were not expecting this.  This time they will use some kind of oil to keep the retina in place and then after some period of time remove the oil.  We are praying this works because that eye is the only one that works :-(.  He is totally bored today, can't read the paper, can't watch tv and said after all he has gone thru, multiple heart bypasses, PAD surgeries etc. he will be really p.o.'d if he dies.  He was laughing when he said that.


@chlema, audio versions of newspapers or books might help with the boredom until he can read again.

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Re: Detached Retina

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There were two things that I hated about recovering from the surgery for a detached retina.


The worst was the "face down" positioning that I had to endure nearly 24/7 for 12 days. I had no pain from the surgery itself, but my neck and shoulders ached from the positioning. I rented a chair that looked like a massage chair and had a mirror to put on the table of it to watch TV with, but I was bored out of my skull. I'm very active and having to sit was miserable.


Secondly, it took 8 weeks for my gas bubble to completely disappear. I know, it had an important part to play, but I also travel a lot, and you can't get on an airplane until the bubble disappears. Thankfully, I was able to get change fees waived on trips that were affected. 

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