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So thankful the appointment went well! Took the whole day to get over the sedation but that was ok! Thanks again for your messages.

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What did they give you?

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I’m sorry that I just saw your comment to me. No I definitely did NOT drive home from my dental appointment and actually wasn’t up to par the next day either. I just felt a little “off”. 

I think I’m easily affected by sedation meds. 

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Had all 4 impacted wisdom teeth pulled with just novacaine.  Did not want to be put under.  Did not feel a thing.

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I had an implant done in the morning around 10 and they used “ twilight sleep”. Weirdest feeling ever! I had no pain, but was aware of the hammering in the implant. DH drove me home and I slept in the car and the rest of the day at home, then was fine. The Dr had actually told me I could have gone back to work in the afternoon. Ha!
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Wait until after the procedure and you will better know if you need someone to stay with you